Sam Gets Adopted by Annie Presley – Local KC Author

“Sam Gets Adopted” is a heartwarming story, written by Annie Presley, a local writer. This children’s picture book is the first part of the series about a canine’s life. 

The story follows a lonely shelter dog who, against all odds, connects with his forever home. It is a heartwarming story, perfect for children of any age. 

Annie Presley KC Author of Sam Gets Adopted

Written by local, Kansas City author, Annie Presley, this book is a sweet tribute to her dog’s life. Sam’s story entertains people of all ages – from children to adults. Definitely a great summer read if you have little children. 

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We asked eight year old Charlotte to give us her thoughts on the book. Her review is below…

An 8 Year Old’s Review of “Sam Gets Adopted”

What was the story about?

Sam was a very good dog. He always did tricks and had fun but missed his owner. Some of his tricks were sitting, being potty trained, and catching a carrot in the air. In the end, he finally found his forever home and had tons of fun. He got toys, treats & food, water, and a new bowl. He loved his new life.


What did you like about “Sam Gets Adopted”?

I like that Sam was adopted in the story and got love and attention. His new family gave him everything he needed to stay healthy and happy. That makes me happy. Our animals need the same things as people (love and a safe home). They have feelings just like we do! I imagined if I was Sam in the story how sad I would have felt before getting adopted.


What can “Sam Gets Adopted”? teach children?

The story can teach kids that dogs have feelings, just like we do. Dogs need food, water, attention, treats, toys, love, and to get their energy out (a home to play in). You can adopt a dog at a shelter and give it the things it needs for a happy life. You can rescue them!

Teaching our children to have compassion for humans and animals is our responsibility. Stories like Sam’s help children to understand the value of all lives – including shelter dogs that may be overlooked. The Presley family had so much love for Sam and the time that they spent with him forever impacted their lives. Their story about their beloved dog, touched our hearts too.


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We hope your family enjoys the book as much as we did…it is a fantastic summer reading idea!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC


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