RV Tips & Tricks for Beginners (Go RVing Together!)

Family trips are great ways to make memories and bond over fun activities!

But, have you ever considered using an RV for your next family vacation?

RVs are more affordable and more accessible than you may think, even right here in the KC area. Plus, with many students going back to school online this year, taking a trip in the upcoming months is totally doable!

RV tips and tricks: Go RVing with kids and families

We talked with RV experts to find their best RV tips and tricks for beginner families. Explore the basics below, then check out the tips!

Where Can I Rent an RV?

RVshare.com is the Airbnb os recreational vehicles. The rigs listed for use are own by individuals and are loaned to vacationers like you. There are loads of different options for families of all sizes in both travel trailers and motor homes. Prices range from $100 per night to $300+, so there really is an option for everyone.

Another option is Cruise America. Their KC pickup location is in Lee’s Summit, MO and offers motor homes of varying sizes from large RV to even truck campers. Conveniently, their website provides resources for renters, so even those with no camping experience can have an enjoyable time with loved ones.

If you are wanting to rent from a local business, Premier Coach RV provides rentals based in Riverside, MO. Their rental fleet features many different camper options that vary in both size and price. Premier Coach RV is a family-owned business that is extremely knowledgable on all things RV.

Where to Travel in an RV?

The best part about RVs: you can go anywhere!

Explore 22 fun spots for family Trips and Getaways for KC locals. The weekend trips are perfect for those looking to take a road trip in an RV with family. Some of the locations listed are Eureka Springs, Niangua River and Tanganyika Wildlife Park, in addition to trips to Omaha, Des Moines, and Arkansas.

Find campground to park your RV, we’ve made it easy with a full guide to camping around KC. We have also found that the sites like KOA (Kampgrounds of America) and GoodSam have locations all over the United States and are trusted by seasoned campers.

RV Tips & Tricks to Know Before Renting or RVing?

Research, research, research! Although RVs are extremely accessible, they require lots of planning and knowledge on how to use many of their features.

The RV rental companies listed above will be able to help you learn the ins and outs well enough to take a trip in the motorhome, and often offer support, even while you are away on your trip.

As for campgrounds, be sure to reserve a place prior to arrival, as the past few months have been a popular time to use and RV, and it isn’t expected to die down anytime soon.

Go RVing: 10 RV Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re renting or buy an RV for trips and getaways, there’s a lot to learn before taking off on your next adventure. We know it can be a little overwhelming for first timers, so we created a great list of tips and trick to get your going.

If you are someone who has very little experience with mobile homes, we highly recommend renting for a weekend! There are a ton of resources that allow you to try before you buy, even ones right here in Kansas City.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Although you’re using the RV to relax and unwind, we cannot recommend enough to plan routes, travel time, distance and options for stops along your trip — well in advance. Map it all out and have a backup plan if you decide to pivot between destinations.

Decide where you want to go, when you want to travel, when you want to stop before leaving. By doing so, you’ll be able to make reservations are campgrounds and ensure you’ll have a place to park and settle down.

Browse Your Options

Think about the number of travelers and where you’d like to travel. You may need a pop-up camper, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or a motor home of class A, B or C. Weigh all your options and decide which will be most efficient for your trip.

Get to Know Your RV

If you are renting, the provider will most likely be able to answer any and all questions you may have. Be sure to learn the basics about driving, setup, takedown. Depending how long you trip will be, you may need to know how to empty tanks as well.

Test Drive the Motor Home

Whether your rented or purchase your rig, take it for a spin in a large, empty parking lot before taking it out on the road. How sharp can you turn? How hard or soft are the breaks? Will it fit in an average parking spot?

Decide on Meals and Groceries

If you are planning to cook in your RV, plan out meals ahead of time to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients and supplies. Don’t forget about cooking tools, pots and pans!

You Need Special Toilet Paper

It something you wouldn’t think about typically, but in an RV, you need to use toilet paper specified for RV use. This is different than the kind you would buy at a grocery store, as toilet paper used in an RV or camper must quickly disintegrate to avoid clogging the tank or sewage system.

Arrive at Campgrounds in Daylight

If possibly, it is highly recommended to arrive when it is bright outside. The natural light makes allow you to get the lay of the land, which makes setup at the campsite easier and faster.

Purchase a Book on RVs

Expect the unexpected. You could find yourself somewhere with no service or internet and need to use some sort of resource to aid in your trip. This is where gold, old fashioned books come in handy! Find one about RV basics and maybe even a road atlas.

Pack Based on Plans

As mentioned before, it is critical that you plan out a majority of you trip prior to leaving. With all that planning, you’ll be able to pack all necessary item for cooking, activities, weather and travel. Make a tentative list to ensure you remember it all!

Have Realistic Expectations for Travel Time

Google maps is a great resources for navigating unfamiliar routes. However, as for travel times, it is going to take much longer than what it suggests. You have to drive slower in a rig than in a car; add in bathroom breaks and stops for tire checks. It will add more time than you may think.


And there you go, our top tips for newbies to the great world of RVs! Good luck on your trip and we hope you have an amazing time enjoying the great outdoors and the company of loved ones.

Don’t let this scare you away! RVs are doable, even for a newbie. Knowledge is power, so make it a priority to learn as much as you can prior to your trip.

We hope you enjoy your RV vacation with your family and make memories that last forever.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC