Healthcare Costs Can be Expensive: Save Big $$ with Honest Discounts

We have all experienced high health care bills…and maybe a little sticker shock at the pharmacy. 

So how can you save money on your family’s healthcare?

That’s where discount prescription cards come in – when your children or family need regular medication or other prescriptions, there is likely a pharmacy near you offering a discount. 

These prescription discounts are offered throughout the Kansas City metro (& beyond) on a wide variety of meds. All you have to have is a free prescription card. Find answer to all your questions about discount medications below:

Discount Prescription Cards

Honest Discounts: Discount Prescription Cards Will Save You Money

The rising cost of healthcare is a major concern for many American families. I am sure many of you have felt the added costs of healthcare & prescriptions, from having a child to taking care of your parents…

For millions of people, and their families, getting prescription medication can be a challenge and extremely expensive. That’s where discount prescriptions come in – with a prescription discount card.

To save even more money, check out the Deals, Discount Codes & Money Saving Tips guide!


What Can Honest Discounts Do?

First and foremost, their prescription discount cards can save you money. On average, card users save $61, but many save even more…

There are also other things you can do within Honest Discounts:

  • Compare prices for prescriptions you already purchase to find the cheapest options near you. 
  • Find lower prices on expensive prescriptions by negotiating discounted rates for cardholders (Already done for you).
  • Prescription assistance to those without insurance or insurance that doesn’t cover their prescriptions. 


Who Can Use a Prescription Discount Card?

While prescription discount cards are not insurance, they are available to everyone. Here are a few cases of who could benefit from discount prescription cards:

  • If you have insurance but want to save more on prescriptions
  • If your family does not have insurance coverage
  • If your insurance does not cover a specific drug
  • If you are limited on the number of medicine refills 
  • If you have insurance & are currently paying towards an insurance deductible

Honest Discounts prescription cards help people find affordable prescriptions & save on medications for your family. Utilize their Prescription Cost Look-Up Tool now to find how much you can save. 


Where Can You Use a Prescription Discount Card?

Nearly every pharmacy offers discounts on some medications, depending on what discount card you have & what pharmacy you use.

Honest Discounts Prescription Discount Cards are accepted at 35,000+ pharmacies across the country.


How to Use Honest Discounts Prescription Card?

Simply visit Honest Discounts, and print the RX Prescription Discount Card, bring it to your local pharmacy.  They will be able to tell you the savings available on each prescription.

You can also see how much discount prescriptions will cost at different pharmacies with their price comparison tool.


What Kinds of Prescriptions Do Discount Cards Cover?

The prescriptions covered depend on the pharmacy itself, however there are a wide range of medications covered for children & adults. The best option is to check online to see the discounts on your prescriptions before you go to the pharmacy. 

Pet Prescriptions Too

Pet prescription discount cards, Pet Rx, are also available through Honest Discounts. This is a separate pet prescription card for cats and dogs. Both brand name pet medications & generic options area available.

You can use the prescription price look up tool to check for how much your pet’s prescription will cost. If you are using a pharmacy or vet that does not accept the pet card, you can easily transfer the med to one of the 54,000 places that honors the pet Rx card.


How Does Honest Discounts Work?

By negotiating prices with pharmacies & insurance companies, Honest Discounts supports efforts that better the lives of Americans and help each community get access to practical, affordable healthcare solutions.

Honest Discounts negotiates lower prices for cardholders, then you get free savings – discount prescriptions!

**However, it is always smart to compare the 2 medication prices. Retail prescription prices may be lower than the prices negotiated by Honest Discounts. If so, pay the lower of the two prices.

If you are struggling and need prescription assistance for your family, Honest Discounts can help you get the medicine you need. Honest Discounts is not an insurance. This card provides prescription discounts at pharmacies only.


Find Discount Prescriptions Near You:

You can use this Prescription Look-Up Tool to shop for your discount prescription – find the nearest location to you!


We hope this information helps your family save money on monthly prescriptions & medications.

If you have other tips for saving money on health-related expenses, drop them in the comments below!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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