No Perfect Tree at Our House, And That’s OK

Unfortunately, we had a similar scene at our house last evening, except our tree is next  to the couch.  I looked up just in time to block it with my foot – way up in the air as it crashed down on me and our littlest pooch.  I’m sure it was quite a spectacle, and it interrupted the viewing of my favorite show that had been DVR’d.  Never a dull moment around here. The pets were all in a tizzy with glass breaking and ornaments flying.  The furry family members still aren’t sure why we have a tree in the house.  Thankfully the dogs have not taken to “using” the tree, but the cat has explored the idea of climbing it.  If I hadn’t been in the room when the tree crashed, I definitely would’ve suspected the cat was involved.   The kids were all upstairs and came running when mom screamed; they were very surprised at the mess but entertained with the site of me under the tree.  Dad had to design an intricate concoction of wires and hooks to assure that the tree “will stay put no matter what”.  It was a mess and a bit sad, some special ornaments were lost, but it won’t damper our holiday spirit.  The empty spots on the tree just mean that we need to create some more ornaments and decorations this year with each artist’s name and the year it was made.  I envision a day when kids move away and they take their box of ornaments with them to start their “own” tree decorating.   This season is all about giving, counting our blessings, and memories with family, not the “perfect” tree or even the perfect gift.  I suspect the kids might remember this Christmas when they get older, especially the tree, and the silly scene of it toppled over on mom and the little dog on the couch.

Hope you are enjoying this season with your family.   Take a moment to soak it all up, and try not to sweat the small stuff.

Ho Ho Ho from iFamilyKC 🙂

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