National Cowboy Museum Has Put their Security Chief in Charge of their Social Media Posts and It’s Hilarious

A regular guy named Tim is the head of security at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.

The museum has been preserving western history, art and culture since 1955.

Cowboy Museum John Wayne hat

Tim is normally tasked with protecting the museum collection.

Cowboy Museum Sam Elliott


But with the situation we’ve all been thrust into, the museum is of course closed to the public, and everyone but Tim is working from home. So, the marketing manager asked Tim to take on a new roll.

He’s now been put in charge of the museum’s social media accounts. 🙂


In his very first post, Tim, wrote “I’m new to social media but excited to share what I am told is called ‘content’ on all of The Cowboy’s what I am told are ‘platforms’ including the Twitter, the Facebook, and the Instagram”.

Tim was told to provide “content” on the museums social media platforms.  So he’s been posting daily and it’s a hoot!

He showcases exhibits, history, items of note, and takes us on a tour through the empty museum.

The items he’s posting include a hat once worn by John Wayne in “True Grit,” the 1969 film for which Wayne was awarded his only Academy Award. He was portraying US Marshal Rooster Cogburn.


Tim’s learning curve about social media marketing has been fun and oh so refreshing to watch. You’ve just got to follow them on their social channels. Go along for the ride, while Tim is still in charge. 


He’s full of grandpa jokes and quirky bumps as he learns social media lingo and tricks.


At first he was writing out “hashtag” and leaving off the #.  It’s evolved a bit now.  But he still signs off on each post with “Thanks, Tim”.  We just love it and we think you will too!


Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too.