Minecraft Providing Free Access to Their Educational Content


Now is a great time to explore digital worlds.

Parents have become educators overnight, whether they were ready or not. And lots of companies are doing their part to help. 

Minecraft is now providing their educational content on their Minecraft Marketplace for free to all.


These resources can help keep the kids busy, their minds sharp and facilitate keeping them excited about new learning.



From your couch, kids can learn about the inside of the human eyeball or even take a tour of the International Space Station.

There are ten worlds included in their Minecraft Marketplace creator community.

This content includes works by creators Blockworks, Imagivers, Everbloom, The World Foundry, Jigarbov, Lifeboat, and Razzleberries. 

Kids can learn about Greek History, explore marine biology, renewable energy, and more!

The worlds even provide lesson plans that cover tricky puzzles, creative writing activities, and some build challenges. 

 You can download and get started today. They are free to download through June 30, 2020.

From the Minecraft website:

“Anyone with Minecraft for Bedrock platforms can find these worlds by launching Minecraft and visiting the in-game store. Minecraft is available on Android & iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows 10 PC, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Fire TV, Xbox One, Windows MR, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.”

You can find the entire list here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/marketplace/education

To learn more learning online with Minecraft: Education Edition, visit: https://aka.ms/remote-learning-blog

Spread the word. Parents need all of the help they can get these days. This is another awesome and free resource.

Go to  Minecraft Marketplace, for more info.