KidsPark is Open for Emergency & Backup Childcare


KidsPark is here for our community. As schools close, and our local essential workers are still called to serve our metro, KidsPark plans to remain open as a resource for parents, especially those at jobs we all rely on to keep us safe and well. 
KidsPark is available for long term and short term child care needs.  Their usual hours have been altered during this unprecedented time.  Call them with specific questions and needs. More details below.
KidsPark is open

KidsPark is open as a resource for families who need care.

Their hours and program are adjusted to meet the health and needs of the community. 

15296 W. 119th St.

Olathe, KS 66062



Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday CLOSED

One child $8.50/hour, $56 per day        

Two siblings $13/hour, $84 per day

Additional siblings $3/hour, $28 per day

Family Registration Fee $25  

Per Day Rate: For visits of 7-10 hours. Regular hourly rate applies after 10 hours. Meals not included.


KidsPark is here to help

The guiding principle at KidsPark is always is to do the right thing, and their mission is to be there to support kids, parents and the community.

In times like this, we all have to work together to keep our communities healthy. 


KidsPark Drop in Child Care is Open

Daily Routine for cleanliness:

At KidsPark, it has always been part of their daily routine to prevent the spread of illnesses.
•They use gloves, cover coughs, wash hands frequently and disinfect the center and toys daily.
•Standard childcare protocol is to inform parents if a child or staff member becomes ill with a communicable disease.
•As a licensed, well-childcare center, they are vigilant at check-in to be sure a child is healthy, and we follow a strict sick-child protocol.
•Staff must be healthy to be at work.

Now, their focus is even greater, and they have added or expanded these measures:

•Disinfecting center surfaces and high-touch areas such as handles, game controllers and toys regularly throughout the day.
•Washing hands at the end of each visit in addition to existing practices – after coughing, sneezing or blowing nose, before and after activities involving the hands and at check-in.
•Reminding everyone not to touch their face, hug or shake hands.
•Encouraging “respiratory etiquette”: covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve.
•Removing activities that could spread germs such as dramatic play with play food, utensils and shared sensory activities. When possible, these activities are revamped as individual-use activities.
•They will continue pouring single-use cups of water instead of using the drinking fountain for the foreseeable future.
•They will now scan foreheads to take temperatures at check-in for all children and staff. If your child has been exposed to illness or has experienced the following symptoms within 24 hours: fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, rash, discharge from eyes, drainage from nose, vomiting or upset stomach, they ask that you please keep them home until you are certain they are well.
•Children in the process of toilet training must be in a pull-up instead of cloth diapers, training pants or underwear. They will still gladly offer reminders to keep the progress going!
•Anyone with a persistent or uncontrolled cough – even if covered with tissue or an elbow, and regardless of underlying conditions such as allergies or asthma, may not be at KidsPark at this time. Please talk with the KidsPark team about your child’s need for prescription medication or breathing treatments for non-communicable respiratory issues – they will work with you to administer what is needed in accordance with State of Kansas regulations.
•They provide clean sheets and blankets to each child napping or resting while in their care. They use WishWash professional laundry service for all bedding. To ensure a healthy space, no blankets, sheets, pillows, or bedtime comfort items will be permitted inside the play area.
•Last and not least, they will bring all of their substantial and joyful energy to ensure that children are safe and having fun in these uncertain times.

KidsPark is open

Please stay tuned to their Facebook Page for any updates. They always express that they appreciate the trust parents have placed in them to care for your children and look forward to providing support and service to our community during this challenging time.