25 Adult & Kids Subscription Boxes (Cooking, Art, Science, Crafts & More)

Kids subscription boxes can be a great way to easily find activities for your family. This is especially true with events not happening.

We found our favorite subscription boxes for kids activities and age-appropriate topics. Explore cooking recipes, sports, the outdoors, science boxes, STEM learning programs & art subscription boxes for kids.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

Best Kids Subscription Boxes Science, Art, Outdoors, cooking and more

We’ve broken down the boxes into sections, so you can easily search based on your child’s specific interests. There’s fun options for everyone!

Fun Subscription Boxes for Families:

Walt Life Box

This subscription box is for Disney lovers of all ages! Whether you’re into the Disney princesses, animals or light sabers, there’s a fun box for you. Types of boxes to explore:

  • Star Wars Box
  • Surprise Box
  • Kingdom Box
  • Magic Box
  • Magic Plus (their best seller)

Ages: all ages

CrateJoy: Find Subscription Boxes for Everything & Everyone!

Cratejoy connects you to subscription boxes in countless different age ranges, topics and interests.

Explore Kids Subscription Boxes, including :

  • Preschool Box
  • Unicorn Dreams Box
  • Reading boxes
  • Craft boxes & more

You can also find subscription boxes for self care, food, gambling, fitness, pets, home living, painting, hobby boxes & pretty much every other kind of subscription box you can think of…

Tubby Todd Bath Box

This subscription box makes bath time tons of fun! Each month you’ll receive 3 magical, natural bath bombs for kids. Make tub time fun with your kiddos and be the “cool parent”. According to Tubby Todd, “It’s a bathtime party-in-a-box your kids will LOVE!”

Ages: 3+ years old.

Little Global Citizens Box

With this box, children can explore around the world right from their home! Each box focuses on one area and culture using crafts, art projects, books and other activities for kids. This is a fun and educational subscription box!

Ages: 4 – 10 years old

Strong Selfie Membership Boxes

There are four boxes per year – back to school, holiday, spring and summer. It’s a fantastic way to lift your girls up and give them an extra boost of confidence.

Each box includes hair care products, makeup products, bath products, accessories & other fun products for powerful women.

Ages: 2 box options: 8-12 years old & 13-17 years old.

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Mighty Nest Subscription Box

Only $11 a month to have helpful, green products sent right to you! According to their site, “The MightyFix helps you tackle one healthy change each month with green goods that are high quality, useful, and fun.”

Learn More About the MightyFix One Simple Change Each Month

STEM & Science Subscription Boxes for Kids:

Superpower Academy Boxes

This creative subscription box combines STEM activities with fun arts & crafts projects. Kids learn social skills, emotional skills and literacy so your children can be super learners!

Ages: 5-10 years

Mel Kids

These kids subscription boxes pride themselves on “making science simple”. It allows learning science to be attainable for all children! Topics include pressure, sound, aerodynamics & reactive motion with many more topics in the works.

Ages: 5-10 years old

KiwiCo – Tinker Crate

These monthly Science Kits & STEM Subscription Boxes provide multi dimensional products for children to learn Science, Math, Engineering & Technology. With award winning kits/crates, you can be sure you’re receiving quality activities. Each month’s box is rigorously tested to ensure it’s challenging, but fun for children.

Ages: 9-16 years old

Genius Box

This STEM subscription box is for tomorrow’s problem solvers and change makers. Each box features three exciting activities, exploring a different STEM topic each month.

Ages: 8-12 years old

Little Passports

Children will solve real-life Scientific mysteries  – a new mystery each month. If your children are naturally curious or adventurous, check out this box!

Ages: 3-9+ years old

Bluum Subscription Box

This is a subscription box for babies and moms! Each month you’ll be delivered everything for your pregnancy, baby and toddler.

** You’ll want to get this box when you’re pregnant so you can take full advantage of all they offer!

Ages: Pregnancy to Preschoolers

Crafts & Art Subscription Boxes for Kids:

Smart Art Box for All Ages

This subscription box provides a unique project & full-size art supplies. Each project can be completed in six steps and come with tutorials from Youtube artists.

If you have older children or teenagers interested in art, this is a fantastic box!

Ages: 10+

We Craft Box

Each box can be shared between two children, so if you have multiple children this is a great way to have fun while saving money. Each month includes a new themed story in the box.

Ages: 3-9 years old

Green Crafts Art Box

Each box includes 4-6 STEAM projects designed by educators, hands-on activities, magazine and eco-friendly materials for each project. You can check out example boxes online to get an idea of what will come each month.

Ages: 2-10 years old.

KiwiCo: Kiwi Crate

This activity box includes hands-on projects each month. There will be kid-friendly instructions, so children can complete on their own.

Ages: 5-8 years old

KiwiCo: Doodle Crate

Each month, children can create a craft project. There are online tutorials and easy to follow instructions for each.

Ages: 9-16+ years old

KiwiCo: Maker Crate

This subscription box sends unique projects with high-quality materials. You’ll receive new tools in each box, which can be repurposed for future projects. You’ll also learn new techniques

Ages: 14 to adult

Craft + Boogie

Each box contains 3-4 themed crafts, a family fun game, easy snack recipes and more! It’s filled with enough fun to keep you going all month long…or at least for a few days.

Ages: 3-8 years old

Sports Kids Subscription Boxes:

Sports Box Co

There are several sports to choose from for each box. You will also select a skill level to ensure the boxes are geared towards your children. Each box includes snacks, sports gear, apparel & training help.

You can always change the sport for future boxes!

Ages: All age children

Outdoors Subscription Boxes:

Think Outside Boxes

Get kids away from the screen and outdoors with this fun outdoor box. You’ll receive quality outdoor gear each month that come with activities to do as a family. Kids will learn navigation, shelter building, star gazing & more.

Ages: 4-14 years old

Mud & Bloom

Each box contains 4 seasonal activities to teach about plants, insects and seasons. Children will enjoy nature and gardening while they learn to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Ages: 3-8 years old

Cooking Subscription Boxes for Kids:


This cooking subscription box comes with pre-measured ingredients so kids don’t have to measure each out! The wet ingredients come with an easy shopping list.

Kid-friendly instructions are included, as well as a chef’s hat and apron.

Ages: 3-10 years

Eat to Explore Boxes

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Each month, you choose a different country to explore. You will make a recipe from that country while learning about their culture. Families love that it can be done together and combines learning and fun! Each box includes:

  • 3 Recipes
  • Spice mixes & sauce mixes
  • Grocery list
  • Country brochure for exploration
  • Activity sheets for kids
  • Cooking tools for your recipe (Can be reused!)
  • Collectibles from the country (sticker, pin…)

Ages: All ages as long as parent is involved in cooking.

Raddish Kids

Children learn about cultures and culinary skills with this cooking subscription box. Activities & recipes are created by expert chefs and educators. Children create new recipes together while having some.

Ages: 4-14+


Each kit includes 3 recipes, cooking tools, games and puzzles, as well as an extra craft activity. The recipes feature seasonal ingredients that you’ll shop for before the box arrives. They easily email you the grocery list so you can have the ingredients ready. The cooking subscription box also includes special holiday recipes!

Ages: 4-14 yrs

Other Fun Online Resources & Activities:

We hope you find a kids monthly subscription box to fit your child’s interests.

Consider trying a different box each month or getting a different box for each child and having them share all!

There are so many ways to have fun while learning. Don’t ever stop exploring!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC