12 Kid-Friendly Hiking Trails in Kansas City: Get Out & Exercise with Your Family!

If you’re looking to get outdoors with your family, consider going for a hike together!

There are multiple kid-friendly hiking trails that are perfect for your whole family.

Explore short walking paths, long hiking trails and everything in between.

Kid Friendly Hiking in Kansas City

Don’t get stuck inside all day with your kiddos! Head out hiking together to get active while enjoying each other’s company.

Hiking Trails for Kids & Families

No matter what part of town you’re in, you can find hiking trails near you!

Nature Trail At Unity Village

1901 NW Blue Pkwy Unity Village, MO 64065

Length: 2.6 mile loop

This shady hiking trail is great for kids. If they get tired, it’s a loop so you don’t have to walk all the way back!

Animals on leash are permitted to walk on the path and there are many birds to see while walking.

James A. Reed Hiking Trails

12405 SE Ranson Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64082

Length: 8.6 mile loop

This hiking trail is at Jackson County Nature Reserve. There is beautiful scenery to enjoy while walking, as well as outdoor activities. There are many ponds and creeks for fishing.

Winterset Park Nature Area

700 SW Pryor Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

Lenght: 1 mile loop

This nature area includes a walking trail, in addition to other things to do. It’s fun for kids to swim in the creek and enjoy the waterfall. There is also a playground nearby for kids to play on during your outdoor day!

Lake Vista Trail

Travels along lower portion of Blue Springs Lake Near Blue Springs, Missouri

Length: 6.3 mile trail

While this hiking trail is long, it is good for all skill levels. There terrain is easy so small children can keep up. Pets are allowed on the trail as long as they are on the leash.

Blue River Parkway Trails – River Trail

South KC with several trail heads

Length: 12+ miles

This nature trail is long and easy to hike. It’s perfect for hiking with kids! The trail is well-maintained, so you don’t have to worry about overgrown bushes or walkways.

Enjoy walking along the river with your family here!well-maintained trail that goes along the river

Larry Mattonen Memorial Trail

Cyclone Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

Length: 2.1 mile loop

This trail is also easy to hike and well-graveled so you don’t have to trek hard through the woods! On leash pets permitted to walk the trails with you.

Cave Spring Trails

8701 E. Gregory Kansas City, MO

Length of 3 trails: .5 mile, 1.5 mile & almost 3 mi

These hiking trails are dirt paths, all connected together. You can also explore the cave, creek and ponds at the park. You can find more information about this trail here.

Wyandotte County Park Trails

White Tail Loop Trail Kansas City, KS 66109

Length: 9.7 mile loop

This 1500 acre park includes a long hiking trail, as well as a lake. Consider bringing your fishing gear to take a break from walking around! The loop circles around the park and connects to other trails in teh area. Some of the trails are rocky and there are a few hills.

Loose Park Trails

51st & Wornall KCMO

Length: 1-2 miles

This 75 acre park in downtown KC includes 2 loops, each about 1 mile. The trails are paved sidewalks, so this is a great walk for small children.

There is also a playground and large green spaces for a picnic after your walk! You can also enjoy the roase garden, pond and several historical structure. Pets are allowed if they are on a leash.

White Tail Trail

White Tail Trail Kansas City, KS 66109

Length: 2.6 miles

This walking trail in Kansas City, MO is near Riss Lake. There are lots of shady trees on the trail, so if you’re worried about the heat, consider walking here!

Parkville Nature Sanctuary

100-198 E 12 St. Parkville, MO 64152

Length: 3 miles of hiking trails

This woodsy 115 acre nature sanctuary includes a long hiking trail. You can also find a waterfall and wildlife while you’re walking around!

** There are NO pets allowed here.

Kansas City Riverfront Heritage Trail

500-598 W 4th St. Kansas City, MO 64105

Length: 15 miles

This long hiking trail winds through oldest historic parts of bi-state KC, so you can ride your bike, walk, run or jog! There are also beautiful water views you can take in while you’re getting exercise!

No matter where you choose to go hiking with your family, KC has multiple places to enjoy. We hope you find time to explore the trails!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC