KC Ren Fest Parade to Replace Festival

If you’re sad that Kansas City’s Renissance Festival isn’t happening, there’s a silver lining.

You can still celebrate the Ren Fest fun…

Just in a different way!

KC Ren Fest Parade for 2020

This year the KC Renissance Festival will look a little different…

You can take part in the special event during 2 different weekends.

KC Ren Fest Parade Details:

With the annual festival cancelled for 2020, they want everyone to still be able to take part!

This year, there will be a drive-thru festival, different like ever before. The first ever parade festival will feature 20+ different festival foods and exhibits.

The parade will be a mile and a half long. Activities will include festival food, games in your vehicle, artisans, performances & more. All these activities will be viewable from the comfort of your car.

Food will also be available for purchase, including turkey legs, corn dogs, chicken & waffles, kettle corn, curly fries and all your festival favorites! You don’t have to miss out on your favorite Ren Fest foods this year…

Food will be served in your car through windows and is not included in the parade tickets. Food will be extra.

You will slowly drive through the festival, enjoying each act and foodie. This will be multiple hours, so plan to spend a few hours driving through the event.

When is the Parade?

The parade will take place over 2 weekends – September 26th & 27th and October 3rd & 4th

How it Works:

A limited number of tickets sold so they recommend purchasing tickets early. Only a certain number of cars will be able to attend each day, so make sure to grab yours fast!

Tickets are $20, but purchased per car. You must purchase tickets online!

When buying the ticket, you will choose a specific date and time to attend. This ensures safety during this difficult time.

After you drive through the parade, you will receive a take home goodie bag from the parades sponsors. It’s an extra thank you for supporting the festival during these difficult times.

If you have questions, you can call 913-721-2110 or visit their site online. Huzzah!

We hope you’re able to join this special event and once in a lifetime opportunity.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC