Inflatable Pools for Adults & Kids Too!

We’ve turned off the news and are ready to start thinking ahead to summer fun and hopefully getting back to some normalcy.

So let’s shop for an adult sized inflatable pool! {They have some for the kids too ;)}

Have you heard of Minnidip?

Target was the first place that I came across them. I think it was last year.  I didn’t bite last year. But wowza, Minnidip has some fun new stuff!

Now they’re available on Amazon too (although a little pricey over there). AND you can buy from their Minnidip website directly too!

Soooooo many new patterns and colors for this year.

Minnidip inflatable pools


The big ones are 5.5′ wide by 1.5′ deep. That’s enough for me!

Designed in Chicago by Emily Vaca of La Vaca, the JUST ADD WATER(MELON)! Minnidip Luxe Inflatable Pool {pic above} promises a refreshingly cool summer.  It’s the perfect slice of fun for you and your partner to go minnidipping.  So grab your drink of choice, a visor & sunglasses {we don’t need wrinkles} plus some SPF30, and maybe a floatie too!

Minnidip inflatable pools


They say these can fit up to 3 adults, but I’m happy if there’s room for me and one bff, or me and a couple of munchkins.

Dad can get in on the action too!

Minnidip Dad pic

As I mentioned above, they do have some adorable options for the kiddos too. I’m thinking we have our own pool digs in the yard or on the deck, one for kiddos, one for big people, 6 feet apart at least.

Minnidip pools for kids

And of course they have a “pool party in a box” option. Right now their website says these are sold out. But you can sign up for an email waiting list and get notified when they’re back in stock.

You are able to customize the ULTIMATE POOL PARTY IN A BOX, by choosing your favorites from their Signature Pool collection, the Cue the Confetti collection, and Pool Party Must-Haves collection!

Customize your choices by selecting one in each category.

All in all, at $45 each for the bigger size, this seems like a great value even if it only lasts me one summer.  What do you think?


I’m going to order mine now, so we’re ready when the temps start rising. 😉 Scoop to buy is right HERE.

Minnidip Choices