How is Patrick Mahomes Handling Staying at Home? The Mahomes Mindset

We can all agree, this is a weird time to be alive. 

It’s hard to focus, work or corale the kiddos right now. 

But how is our beloved Patrick Mahomes handling the current times?

In true boss fashion, Patrick Mahomes is taking this time as an opportunity to improve his craft. 

Mahomes was supposed to be in Fort Worth, TX to train with Bobby Stoupe, his trainer since high school, but he’s having to get creative due to the current situation. 

So how is he handling these extra obstacles? Read on to learn more about your favorite NFL player (obviously).

Patrick Mahomes: Our Mahomie

While the current situation (you all know what it is) has pretty much shut down the world, Patrick Mahomes & his trainer have found creative ways to overcome it. 

He was supposed to be in Fort Worth, TX training with Bobby at his APEC facility but, “it’s time to get creative,” according to Bobby.

They never planned on this happening, but here they are. Forced to make it work, or give up. 

…what do you think Mahomes chose to do?

Adapt to the Situation

They adapted to the situation. Bobby Stroupe, his trainer, created structured trainings and workouts through an app. Each workout is tailored to the individual athlete and what they’re needs are. 

“Is it easier to be in a facility and train? Yeah, that’s easy. But we’re professionals, and at the root of it, our job is to solve problems. This just means it’s time to get creative. Nothing will pause. Their quest to be the best version of themselves doesn’t stop; it continues. And it’s not different with Patrick.” said Bobby Stroupe. 

Because he sensed this could last longer than a few weeks, Stroupe went on the offensive and planned detailed workouts for each of his athletes, including Mahomes. 

According to his trainer, this is the time that, “The professionals are about to rise.” 

So, don’t let this time get you down. Let it empower you; give you strength. Show you how strong you really are…

Whether you’re at home homeschooling your children or having to adapt with work, we’re all going through it. Mahomes is no exception. 

But his team chose to overcome those obstacles by changing course and adapting. 

You can handle homeschooling, work & whatever else you’ve got on your plate. 

The Mahomes Mindset

So, develop the Mahomes mindset. “Yeah, he’s not going to miss a beat,” Stroupe said. Don’t look at this as a negative, look at it an opportunity.

Whether that means spending more time with your family, having extra time to get the loose-end projects done or just having time to relax, there’s something to push you through this. 

“If you have greatness inside you in any profession, you are the thing that pushes you,” Stroupe said. 

In the coming weeks, their workouts will start to ramp up and it’s up to Mahome to keep pace. Do you think he’ll rise to overcome the obstacles? YUP!

Where is the Accountability?

Stroupe calls Mahomes often, asking to watch the workouts through video chat. 

Brittany Mathews, Mahomes girlfriend, also has a degree in kinesiology, which allows her to give expert advice and inside scoop to Mahomes. 

But while he has a handful of other people holding him accountable, he’s accountable to himself more than anything.

It’s not always easy to be that way…but you can do it too. 

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Who is Bobby Stroupe?

Mahomes met his trainer before he ever started throwing a football in high school. They know each other like the back of their hands.

Together, they’ve worked at football training for more than a decade. 

According to Stroupe, Mahomes’s workouts are unique because of the focus on the shoulder girdle — what gives him his range of motion in throwing.

“Patrick always trains as an athlete first and a quarterback second. There are a lot of things he incorporates and advances with his body, just like you’d do with a wide receiver. But then there’s about 10-15% that he’d do directly with myself or another member of my team that’s specifically related to his shoulder girdle or other things we know he needs specifically for him. But he’s still doing all of those things.” Stroupe said. 


Overall, Mahomes is taking these challenges in stride. He’s working to overcome every obstacle to continue to become better, despite some challenging circumstances. 

What are you going to do? Be like Mahomes? We hope so!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC