6 Totally Awesome Cricut Projects & Ideas: Ways To Use Your Cricut Machine

Cricuts are perfect for moms, teachers or anyone that loves a good DIY project!

So we’ve found some of the best Cricut ideas…

Whether you are needing some help with organization, personalization or just want to get creative, the possibilities are endless.

Best Cricut Ideas & Things to Make

If you don’t have a Cricut machine yet, you’ll want to get one after learning what you can make! The Cricut project opportunities are endless…

There are a couple different Cricut machines available. The most affordable option is the Cricut Joy machine, which is less than $200.

Now through September 19th is their Harvest Sale – 30% OFF “select iron-ons, select maker materials, and select mats!” Here is what a Cricut machine looks like: (There are other cheaper options available as well)

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Step Up Your Gift Wrapping Game

The holidays will be here before you know it! Ditch the traditional bows we get a the dollar store and opt for beautiful, one-of-a-kind bows made from yardstick of other materials.

Another way to add another unique touch is by creating your own gift tags. Cut them out, punch a hold in it, and tie it to your gift.

Organize To Your Heart’s Content

Get out your storage boxes and arrange anything from toys to photos to clothing. Making labels with a circuits is an absolute breeze. Grab some Cricut Printable Sticker Paper, cut out the labels, stick it on and enjoy!

Make Handcrafted Cards

There is nothing more personal than a handmade card with a sincere note written inside.

You can take advantage of the Cricut machine and make easy-to-fold creases. These allow you to create beautiful origami-like decorations for any birthday, holiday or other sentimental greeting card.

Add Beautiful Calligraphy

In addition to cutting materials, the Cricut has the amazing ability to embellish projects with text and shapes.

Circut makes special pens to use in their machines to add an extra pop to you projects.

Make Custom Apparel and Accessories

Rock your DIY projects. Anything from hats to shirts to backpacks can be personalized. Pick up some iron on vinyl sheets, cut them with your cricut and use an iron finish it.

Give One-of-a-kind Gifts

You’ll never be short on amazing gifts to give to friends and loved ones! Pick the perfect item and personalize it to their liking.

Cricut projects are sure to be loved!

We can’t wait to see what you create! If you know of other fun projects…drop them in the comments!

We hope this gave you some inspiration to help with your upcoming Cricut projects. Happy DIY-ing!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC