FREE Disney Imagineering-in-a-Box Course & Activities: Design a Theme Park at Home

If you’re looking for more fun activities to do at home, Disney is coming to the rescue!

The below activities will fill up at least 6 hours of your time…& bring fun to your family.

Disney Imagineering Program Course

If your children love are creative or you want to promote using imagination more, the Imagineering in a Box program is perfect for your family.

Read below to find out more about what children will learn in this Khan course. Parents and adults can also complete their own…

Imagineering in a Box

With schools around the country closed, parents are searching for fun & educational activities for kids. So Disney teamed up with Khan Academy to bring fun to you!

This Imagineering in a Box course is a free , hands-on program that allows children to explore art, design & engineering at home – to create a theme park of their own.

Disney Imagineers from around the world share their skills in hundreds of different careers that all work together to create the Disney theme parks we know & love.

It’s a one-of-a-kind Disney experience that combines videos from seasoned Disney Imagineers with engaging activities (both online & offline) to encourage children to be creative, curious, have fun and innovate.

It is a FULLY online curriculum that both children and parents will enjoy. Plus, it’s educational! It includes math, physics, engineering, design, art & storytelling.

How Does it Work?

The series includes 3 lesson modules for you to work through, each with it’s own videos, activities and worksheets that walk kids through how to make a theme park. There are a total of 32 videos to watch, so you can fill up an entire day, or spread out over multiple days.

It explores software for engineering, attraction design, interactive exhibits & character development. Children will learn how to develop rides, create worlds within a park & create characters, among other fun activities…

This behind the scenes look at creating a theme park allows children to create their own theme park based on the videos and activities in the “box”.

Who knows…your child could even find their future job?

Each activity will build on the last so by the time children complete the unit, they will have a design for their very own theme park!

It even has a handy checklist system so you can easily follow along and see which activities and videos have been completed and which you still need to do.

> Lesson 1: Creating Worlds

Length of Time: 2 hours (minimum suggestion)

Children will learn how to think about stories and create themes – overarching concepts in storytelling, theme park deign and even the real-world.

Activities include building a design layout, choosing a theme, creating a landscape for the theme park, designing a mood board & choosing sounds to play throughout the park.

There is a video to go with EVERY activity, so you get detailed explanation from the Disney Imagineers who actually work on that task. So interesting!

You will learn a lot about many jobs you didn’t even know existed…

You’ll even create your own mood board, so children can visually see their ideas come to life.

> Lesson 2: Designing Attractions

Length of Time: 2 hours (minimum suggestion)

Kids get to create their own attractions for the theme park in this lesson.

They will be introduced to the different types of rides and what goes into creating each. You can follow the creative process to see how rides are developed at Disney.

It will also show you how important themes and stories are in theme parks.

Students will be able to create their own ride based on artistic and engineering principles, so it combines imagination and science!

Children will complete models of the ride & beat sheets, as well as a storyboard & ride simulator. Activities are a combination of digital (to be done on computer) and physical (to be done at home with materials)

> Lesson 3: Bringing Characters to Life 

Length of Time: 2 hours (minimum suggestion)

Character development in the focus on the third lesson. Children will learn character types, as well as character design!

This lesson can help your children to become better storytellers and promote imagination and creativity in their every day life.

Videos will explore costumes, character sheets, actuators & how to control an animatronic character.

If your children enjoy creating stories or want to be digital designers, this is an engaging section!

This section include 6 activities for kids, as well as videos to go along with each. There are also worksheets to complete. It will combine virtual activities you can complete online and physical activities that you will need some materials for.

Teacher Resources (In the Classroom or at Home)

In addition to the 3 lessons, there are all teacher resources provided.

You can use these in the classroom OR apply them to your “homeschool” setup if you’re teaching your kids at home during this time.

Each module is designed for flexibility, so you can utilize the course in a classroom, in a homeschooling group or for your children at home.

Start Your Imagineering in a Box Course Now!

How many other days do you get to create your own theme park from scratch…?

Other Fun Online Resources & Activities:

With so much time at home now, this is the perfect activity to fill an entire day. Plus, it’s super unique!

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