Free Genealogy Search at MCPL: Explore Your Family Tree

Want to build your family tree? Explore where you came from beyond your mom and dad? 

You can dive deep into your family genealogy records with a free genealogy search! Research your family tree & put together the missing pieces of your family genealogy with The Midwest Genealogy Center at Mid-Continent Public Library.

Don’t spend money on subscriptions to genealogy websites. MGC hosts many free, adult library programs for family history research & genealogy searches. 

Free Genealogy Search & Programs: Midwest Genealogy Center

It can be hard to sort through historical records & online genealogy resources. So, find your family history with The Midwest Genealogy Center – a standalone building & service funded by MCPL.

MCPL offers many adult library programs, but the genealogy facility takes the cake. Their helpful staff make it easy to find our more about your family. Plus, it’s at no-cost to you…

While this service is popular with adults, all ages can take advantage of the program. You do not have to meet specific age-requirements. Also explore educational events & activities at MCPL, as well as other local library programs!

What is The Midwest Genealogy Center?

The Genealogy Center is “ the perfect place to research your heritage, whether you are just beginning or trying to fill in the last few details on the family tree.  MGC is the largest free standing, public  genealogy facility in the nation. It features the services and amenities to make your search successful and comfortable.” –Beyond the Books: MCPL publication.

As part of the Mid Continent Public Library system, the MGC hosts a variety of resources to help you trace your family history.

You have many genealogy research tools at your finger tips including; genealogy research databases, periodical collections and even one-on-one assistance with a genealogist. MGC offers free access to many online genealogy resources like Ancestry, HeritageQuest & other resources. 

MGC has helped many Kansas Citians discover their history one day at a time. One patron was even featured on the hit show Queer Eye!

Genealogy Resources Offered

Before you spend money on a genealogy website, head here for a free genealogy search. This library program is a stand-alone service, so there are many programs & resources to take advantage of.

Resources offered within library program:

  • Beginning Genealogy
  • Census Record Research
  • Destroyed Records
  • Writing Your Ancestor’s Story and more!

Appointment with Genealogy Consultant

This free service allows you to make an appointment for one-on-one genealogy research. Find free genealogy records with the help of MCPL staff!

Each appointment will focus on one genealogy search question, so you may need to make multiple appointments. To schedule your genealogy search appointment, call 816.252.7228 or email [email protected]

Along with the assistance and resources inside the Midwest Genealogy Center, there are several online databases such as FamilySearch and HeritageQuest  that are free to use! You can learn how to use these databases and more by attending short classes at The Midwest Genealogy Center or a few select locations across the metro area.

How to Start Your Search

Now that you know what the Midwest Genealogy Center is and what they do, what do you do with all this information?!

Head to their location at 3440 S Lee’s Summit Rd, Independence, MO 64055; open 10-8 p.m. daily. Or ,start your family search online with free genealogy databases. 

Not only do they offer free genealogy searches & resources, they help you sort through & organize it. The center provides family history forms to organize your new found family data!

You can download and utilize forms such as family trees, generational charts & even blank Census forms from varying decades.

Whether you want to research your family history or are just a fan of ancestry, the Midwest Genealogy Center is a free library resource for you and your family to access the past and gain a better understanding of your history.

Get started on your journey today & find out more about your family history & family tree! 

MCPL also offers other library programs for adults and children, so be sure to check them all out. 

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 


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