Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes & Ideas (Meals for Days!)

Nearly every table will have Thanksgiving leftovers this year…but what to do with them?

We’ve all made the turkey sandwich or just eaten reheated casserole…

But there’s so much more you can make with your leftovers. We found our favorites to give you some ideas…

Want to make the most of your leftover Thanksgiving food? We’ve got the scoop!

Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes for Families

YUM! Who doesn’t love leftovers…?

Leftover Pizza

“If you have leftover mashed butternut squash from Thanksgiving, make this creative recipe to use up leftovers! If you’re sick of the same flavors from the holidays and want something different, this savory butternut squash pizza with goat cheese, prosciutto and balsamic glaze is perfect.”

Turkey Pizza

Don’t have left over sweet potatoes for a pizza? Check out these yummy turkey pizzas with all the fixin’s

Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas

Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas are a creamy, decadent way to use up your leftover roast turkey or chicken. Featuring a spicy, creamy sauce you’ll love!

Air Fryer Mac & Cheese Balls

“Air Fryer Mac and Cheese Balls are the ultimate comfort food! And just 3 ingredients are all that’s needed to whip up this totally crave-worthy appetizer, snack, or side.”

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Turkey Pot Pie

“These Turkey pot pies are my go to recipe whenever there is leftover turkey.” If you have other meats or veggies, you can add those in too!

Mashed Potato Nuggets

Have little ones? This leftover recipe is perfect! They’re soft on the inside but crispy on the outside. Plus, they’re easy for little hands to hold and carry.

Turkey Turnovers

“Delicious Leftover Thanksgiving turkey turnovers with cranberries, Swiss cheese and a sprinkle of thinly sliced onions. The only turkey leftovers recipe you’ll need these holidays!”

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

“Healthy Cinnamon Sweet Potato Rolls recipe, perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving breakfast or brunch. These rolls are delicious, moist, fluffy and easy to make!”

Turkey Quesadillas

This is an EASY recipe if you’ve got a lot on your hands and want to get rid of leftovers. Plus, what kiddo doesn’t love a warm quesadilla?

Cheesy Turkey Casserole

Easy, peasy & cheesy…

What more could you ask for?

Leftover Turkey Soup

With the cold weather here, this is the perfect leftover recipe for your turkey! You can also throw in other leftover veggies you have on hand.

Turkey Gumbo

This is a unique spin on soup…gumbo! If you like traditional gumbo, this is a yummy alternative that makes the most of lots of your leftovers…

Check it out:

Turkey Tacos

This is definitely a unique Thanksgiving recipe, but my gosh is it YUM! You can also switch up the recipe based on what you have in your kitchen and the leftovers available.

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Turkey Noodle Casserole

This one pot leftover meal can be reheated as leftovers too, so you can have leftovers of your leftover Thanksgiving food! If you’re into easy recipe ideas, this is for you!

Turkey Tortilla Soup

While the traditional recipe features chicken, you can easily substitute it for turkey!

Turkey Thai Curry

Who doesn’t love a good curry? This leftover idea is delicious AND uses lots of leftovers.

Leftover Breakfast Sandwiches

Want a yummy breakfast after Thanksgiving? These leftover breakfast sandwiches make it easy to have a delicious breakfast using your scraps from Thanksgiving!

Turkey Eggs Benedict

Another yummy breakfast idea is eggs benedict! Use your leftovers to spice up this traditional breakfast food…

Crockpot Stock

“Crockpot Turkey Stock is the most hands-off way to make post-turkey-dinner stock for soups, stews, sauces, and more. 10 hours of set-it-and-forget-it—then strain the broth and put it in storage containers. This recipe makes a rich, concentrated broth.”

Cheesy Mashed Potato Soup

A warm, cheesy soup is just what this weather calls for. If you need to make soemthing quick out of leftover mashed potatoes, this is a great idea!

Stuffed Potato Skins

If you love potato skins (who doesn’t) then you need to try out this easy Thanksgiving leftover recipe:

Turkey Empanadas

Flaky, yummy and filled with turkey! These empanadas can be made without many leftovers, so anyone can do.

Ham & Egg Salad with Avocado

If your family makes ham on Thanksgiving too, check out this recipe!

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