Dr. Shows Us How to Sanitize Groceries We’re Bringing Home – Educational and Scary

These are great tips for safe grocery shopping from medical doctor:

This Michigan doctor is providing some great steps that we can all take, particularly if you are caring for or shopping for anyone that is particularly at risk. 

So much of this is new and even the experts don’t all agree on the best overall approach for citizens.  That can be scary for us to absorb.

But this doctor’s advice is something we can each follow,  and it enables us to control more of what happens in our own homes.

It’s worth the 13 minutes to watch and get up to speed.


He covers:

  • How to prepare groceries to come into your home
  • How best to bring groceries into your home
  • How best to bring take-out food into your home
  • How best to clean the groceries after they’re actually in your home

Some might say this could be overkill. And it may be.  Let’s all hope it is. But knowledge is power. Ultimately we all have to do what we think is best.