Children’s Mercy Hospital Ranks Top 30 (in ALL 10 Specialties)

Your favorite hospital for kids just got even better. Children’s Mercy hospitals now rank in the top 30 nation-wide…for all 10 specialties.

They ranked the last five years, but this is the first year Children’s Mercy Kansas City has ranked for ALL specialties. 

Childrens Mercy Hospitals Ranks for Best Hospital

Children’s Mercy Kansas City maintains a high standard for pediatric care, proving to be one of the best, year after year.

Ranked as one of the U.S’s “Best Children’s Hospitals”, Children’s Mercy Kansas City is one of the few pediatric hospitals that ranked in every pediatric specialty by the U.S News and World Report!

For the past 5 years, Children’s Mercy has had all 10 of its specialties ranked in the report, but this year, Children’s Mercy Kansas City received a ranking in the top 30 for all 10 specialties, with 3 specialties ranked in the top 15

How Children’s Mercy Hospitals Rank

This is the 5th consecutive year Children’s Mercy Hospitals ranked as a top children’s hospital nation-wide. The 3 specialties in the top 15 rankings are Orthopedics, Nephrology & Neonatal Care.

If your children need immediate medical care, you know where to go! Children’s Mercy Kansas City is filled with the best nurses, doctors and specialists in our area. 

childrens mercy hospital ranks nationally

U.S News surveyed over 180 different pediatric centers for data and information including pediatric, board certified specialists! All of this information was combined including a reputation survey.

As a mom that has had to deal with having her children endure multiple surgeries, I am proud to have Children’s Mercy be our hospital of choice! If you would like to find out more about their children’s specialties, call 816-234-3000.

Congratulations to all the hardworking staff members of Children’s Mercy hospitals. This honor is more than deserved.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 


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