Charlie’s House Q&A Follow Up

During a recent Facebook Live video at Charlie’s House, there were many questions we did not get to during the live segment.

So their Executive Director is answering them now! Find answers to all your questions below…

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How did Charlie’s House get established?

Charlie’s House was established after Charlie Horn, a two ½ year old boy died when his bedroom dresser fell on top of him.

Why is it important to address ways to prevent injuries and accidents in the home?

Many of the unintentional injuries and accidents in and around the home are preventable. Through increasing awareness, educating parents, and distributing safety devices, many of the causes of accidents are eliminated.

Was building a simulation safety home always part of the plan?

Yes, while Charlie’s House was being established, a group of individuals in the community had formed in an effort to build a safety simulation home. Both groups united in their efforts, allowing for Charlie’s House to grows its mission, while developing plans to create significant community resource.

When did you open the nation’s first safety demonstration house?

Our Safety Demonstration House officially opened on May 6, 2021 – this would have been Charlie’s 16th birthday.

When parents and caregivers visit the Safety Demonstration House, what should they expect?

The Safety Demonstration House looks much like someone’s home. Inside, the rooms that are featured are a nursery, bedroom, bathroom, family room, staircase, kitchen, laundry area and garage. Parents go into each area and hear messages about various safety issues, along with video that highlights that provide examples of safety risks.

What is the tour experience at the Safety Demonstration House?

It is a room-by-room interactive experience that features videos, examples of use of safety devices and direct examples of how children could become injured along with ways to prevent accidents. At the end of the tour, parents are encouraged to visit our Safety Resource Center

Since you have opened, beside parents, what other groups have been signing up for tours?

Healthcare professionals and community partners – that have a client base that could greatly benefit from accessing our services and programs.

How do I schedule a tour?

You can go to and sign up for a tour. For larger groups or special circumstances, you can call 816-591-1766.

How long does the tour take?

It takes forty-five minutes or so to get the full tour.

Is there a cost to take the tour?

No, all of our programs and services at Charlie’s House are provided at no cost, including safety devices.

What are other features of the Safety Demonstration House beyond the tour experience?

Our garage area also serves as community space, so groups that come in and tour can also stay and conduct in-service programming.

The Safety Resource Center is part of the end of the tour experience – What resources are available for parents?

Safety Devices, materials and checklists that focus on specific areas within a room of a house. Examples of this would be cooking, fireplace and staircase safety.

What were some of the challenges in creating the tour experience?

Making sure the experience is not overwhelming. Many of the individuals who are touring are new or expecting parents. We do not want them leaving the Safety Demonstration House thinking every area in their home is unsafe. 

How are parents and other learning about the Safety Demonstration House?

Other parents, pediatricians, social media, early childhood programs like First Steps and PAT.

The tour experience is set up for adults to tour, are there other plans to create other types of tour experiences?

Yes, as we grow our programs, there are opportunities to providing information to young children and also to focus on a specific safety area, such as Fire Safety. 

Give me some examples of who your community partners are in the community.

Groups like Amethyst Place, Several of the Parent’s as Teacher groups, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Samuel Rogers Clinics, Grandparents for Gun Safety, Kids and Cars Safety, Kansas City Fire Department and many of the temporary housing groups.

What are volunteer opportunities at Charlie’s House?

We have volunteer opportunities for those who want to do continuous service, by giving tours, to those who just want to spend time when available.

Besides opening the nation’s first Safety Demonstration House, what else would you consider a great success for the Organization?

The creation of our SAFE NOW, SAFE LATER program the provides safety education and devices to organizations that provide temporary housing for their clients. Charlie’s House goes into the housing units and helps determine which safety devices are needed and then we work with the organization’s program staff to provide tours to their residents.

What if and individuals does not live in Kansas City. Can they still benefit from your services?

Charlie’s House has a virtual experience that can be found on their website – This experience is nearly the same, with the exception that it provides more safety videos. 

What are other ways individuals and organizations can support Charlie’s House and its mission?

We rely on philanthropic funding to operate our business. Making a gift to Charlie’s House enables us to reach more families.

What is the most important message that parent take-away from touring the Safety Demonstration House?

This is a great experience, for even those parents who believe their house is safe, to go through and double-check all areas.  The Safety Demonstration House provides Kansas City a wonderful resource to help prevent injuries and accidents to children in and around the home. In Kansas City, each year on an average, over 80,000 kids are seen in an emergency department due to an unintentional injury or accidents. Sadly, eighty children will die. At Charlie’s House, we hope to reduce this number.

We hope these answers provide you a better perspective on Charlie’s House and the amazing work they are doing for families in Kansas City and beyond. If you have any additional questions, we recommend reaching out to them directly!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

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