Carseat Trade-In Event at Target: Get New Gear!

If you have old car seats you aren’t using there’s a way to re-purpose them!

Thanks to Target you can get a little bonus for trading in your old car seats.

Check out the details below:

Trade-In Event Details:

The promotion runs from Sunday, September 13th to Saturday, September 26th. You bring your used car seat to any participating Target and get a coupon in return.

** Be aware that in previous years the promotions have maxed out trade-ins before the end date.

What Do I Get?

When you trade in your car seat, you will receive a 20% OFF coupon baby gear – booster seat, stroller, car seat or other baby stuff.

While the trade-in offer isn’t as good as Walmart’s $30 gift card offer, a discount is still worth it!

How to Trade In:

First, you must have the Target app to redeem the deal. You can download from any phone’s app store.

Then, bring your car seat to any participating location. Be sure to check that your local Target is participating, otherwise find the next closest location…

You will drop off your car seat in a designated box then scan the code on the box to get the coupon.

Once you download the coupon, open your wallet inside the Target app and look in “Extra Offers”. Click the green check mark to claim and use on your ONLINE order.

Normally, the trade-in event happens twice a year, but was cancelled due to the state of the world. So, there is high anticipation for this event!

Hurry in to trade your car seat before the promotion runs out!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

Since this program launched, Target has recycled 14.4 million pounds of car seats through the yearly Car Seat Trade-In Event. The program keeps old car seats out of the landfill, and also keeps people from passing old car seats that may be less safe on to other parents.