Draw with Captain Underpants Author: Online Sessions, Drawing Lessons & Reading to Kids

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Learn to draw like Captain Underpants! 

“Dog Man” series author Dav Pilkey gives a presentation to local students, October 11, 2019. Photo by Shawn Miller/Library of Congress.

If you’re a mom or dad to any kiddos age 6 and up, you just have to know all about the Captain Underpants and Dog Man book series… 

Dav Pilkey, the world famous, award-winning author of Captain Underpants and Dog Man is providing some fun and educational online sessions for kids starting this week.

He’s not only the author, but also illustrator of these award-winning classics, so his drawing classes are the real deal. 

We’re so excited that Dav is working with the Library of Congress to bring smiles and inspiration to kids. (& also some things to keep them occupied)

If your kiddos are budding artists, this is a fun way to keep them engaged while learning (or improving) a great skill!

When to Watch His LIVE Drawing Classes

Dav Pilkey at Home will  provide new content, including videos, created by Pilkey himself. 

These will be released every Friday morning at 9 am CST.  Watch the various websites and social media channels we’ve listed below, so you can connect to the Library of Congress and Scholastic media company.

Free Activities Too!

Starting April 1st 2020, free activities will bring the fun right into your home.

These activities will include storytimes where Dav Pilkey himself reads to the kiddos, plus how-to-draw demonstrations and other resources to inspire the kids.  They are telling us that there will be more new content shared intermittently throughout the week and some will even be downloadable! 

Dav is producing all of this in order to light creativity and fun for kids and families stuck at home.  The kids will get tips to help them create their very own characters and act out scenes from Pilkey’s books.

Beginning the 1st of April, 2020, Dav Pilkey at Home can be found on multiple platforms, bookmark the ones that work best for you:

**To watch the LIVE drawing videos on Fridays, check out the Library of Congress social media channels to follow along, or this page (they will upload to it).

Stream Captain Underpants

If your kids love to watch Captain Underpants…

Captain Underpants the series is also STREAMING on Netflix, so there are multiple places to get your fix!

We’re so grateful the Library of Congress is working to develop new programs that engage kids, while we are all at home. 

Dav Pilkey is always happy to tell his story and share the experiences that brought him to become an author and illustrator.  His personal story is one every child should hear.

The Library of Congress is working to provide a wide variety of other online content, activities and features for kids and parents.  These include but are not limited to author conversations from National Book Festivals, some options for informal learning activities that are associated with Library collections and  lots more. So visit the links below to check it out and bookmark your favorites!

More scoop about Dav Pilkey here.

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