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Happy Sunday, Kansas City!

We hope you’re enjoying this long Labor Day weekend here in the big city! Tonight we wanted to introduce you to you the #BeLiceFreeInKC Movement, which just started here in the area, to help promote education about a very common problem: head lice. A friend of mine, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently shared on her Facebook page that her daughter had come into contact with a strand of head lice that was strong and really difficult to deal with. Apparently, in her area, it’s so widespread that the treatment her healthcare professional recommended was on on back order until October. It got me thinking: What would I do if my daughter came home from school with lice?! That’s when we learned of Heartland Healthy Heads’ new initiative “#BeLiceFreeInKC”, a program designed to help you understand everything you need to know about lice. We invited our friends at HHH to share a little bit about #BeLiceFreeInKC on the blog and here’s what they had to say…

SuperLice Map


This map illustrates the areas (shaded in pink) that ‘super lice’ has impacted.


Don’t Let ‘Super Lice’ Cause Super Stress

Over the past few weeks, Super Lice has dominated the headlines of major media outlets across the country.  These are head lice that have become pesticide resistant and do not respond to over-the-counter lice-removal products.

The Research Behind the Claim

It is our job to stay up-to-date on the latest research being conducted on head lice, so that we can arm ourselves and our customers with the most accurate information.  So, it was no surprise to us when Dr. Kyong Yoon – who has researched pesticide resistance in head lice for 25 years – released his latest findings.

Yoon found that in 83 percent of the states that he sampled – including Kansas and Missouri – head lice have gene mutations making them resistant to pesticides in the most popular over-the-counter lice shampoo treatment.  Since most of our clients have used an over-the-counter prescription at one point, we understand the importance of Dr. Yoon’s research.

On a Mission to Help the Community

In an effort to raise head lice awareness in the Greater Kansas City community, we recently launched the #BeLiceFreeinKC campaign.

The #BeLiceFreeinKC campaign is an initiative to educate community leaders, health care providers, schools and students on the facts and myths of head lice.  Our #BeLiceFreeinKC partners will receive free head lice education for their members, customers, staff, and family members.  In addition, our partners receive discounts on head checks and treatment options.  Our goal is to raise awareness, decrease the stigma associated with head lice, provide proper head lice education and dispel myths about head lice.

be lice free - with logo (1) (1)

To be a part of the #BeLiceFreeinKC initiative, contact us today!

We are proud to serve our wonderful families in the greater Kansas City area.  Located at 801 N. Mur-len, Olathe Kansas.


About Heartland Healthy Heads: As a resource center, we want everyone to be properly informed when it comes to head lice and provide them with safe and effective treatment options. Heartland Healthy Heads has helped thousands of individuals and families get through the head lice diagnosis and treatment process.  We are proud to be the Kansas City area’s ONLY Preferred Provider of Lice Clinics of America.  Not only are we the only local facility to offer the FDA-cleared AirAlle’ treatment option, we are also specially-trained in the Shepherd Method – removal of head lice via Strand by Strand combing.  All of our treatment options come with a 30-day guarantee, because we want to make sure our customers and their families are 100% lice free.

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