22 Fun Ways to Get Your Family Active Today!

Happy Monday, Kansas City! With the up and down temperatures that this time of year brings us, it can be hard to stay active. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Leah, has some fantastic ideas on how your family can kick it into gear and get active today. Take a look!


22 Fun Ways to Get Your Family Active Today!


My weight has been a struggle for most of my life. I can always remember struggling with my body image when it came to my weight. I’ve never felt thin enough. I would go on diets, then binge eat, then go on a work out craze, then be lazy, then repeat the cycle. Oh, how this took a toll on my self-esteem and body.


As an adult I still struggle with this viscous cycle. Several years ago I lost 72 pounds and kept it off for two years. I ate right, had some help from the doctor, was active throughout the day, and truly worked my butt off. However, once I grew comfortable in my new skin I started to resort back to my old eating habits. I found myself packing on the pounds as I indulged in carbs, fatty foods, and stopped being active.


Fast-forward four years later and I am the biggest weight I have ever been. I lack energy, hate the way I look in clothes, dread seeing myself in pictures, and find myself miserable in this shape. It isn’t who I am. I know my weight doesn’t defy me. I also know I am so much more than the number on the scale. Yet, I am the one that has to carry this excess skin. I am the one who knows I can do better. Therefore, I am the one who is now choosing to do better.


I recently saw a video on Facebook that woke me up. The video truly encouraged me to get my crap together. The video shares a woman’s story who vows to take a 100 day work out challenge. Now I know this challenge isn’t for everyone (and you should consult your doctor first if you have any health concerns or restraints) but this challenge was exactly what I needed.


I went from having a job where I was active all day to literally sitting down all day. My body started to physically hurt because I wasn’t moving it enough. I had hip pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, etc. Who wants to live like that every day? I don’t. I know a lot of the pain was from my weight. I also knew I needed to be more active.



So, my son and I went and joined a gym. I am proud to say I am now on my 10th day of the 100 day challenge. I am so proud of myself. I have so much more energy, feel happier, and feel like I am being such a great example to my son. I love having him there with me when I work out. He has told me every day that he is proud of me. I want him to see me being an example of living a healthy life. When we go to the gym together we take it slow, we talk, we bond, and most of all we simply move our bodies. I also started eating better since August. I am now down 13 pounds.


So, I encourage you to take this time to get you back, get up, sweat, and live again. You got this…. And bring your family with you!<3


Below are 22 fun ways to get your family active

“Big changes start with small steps”- author unknown.


#1 Go on a walk with your family.

My son and I love walking to the park,store, or for ice cream at Sonic.

#2 Have a dance party in the living room.

Dancing is such a fun way to exercise.

#3 Do yard work together as a family



#4 Go on a bike ride


22 Fun Ways to Get Your Family Active Today! // iFamilyKC Blog

#5 Have a pillow fight



#6 Play Hide and Go Seek



#7 Go play basketball, soccer, or football together



#8 Have a snow ball fight




22 Fun Ways to Get Your Family Active Today! // iFamilyKC Blog

#9 Go Sledding



#10 Ice Skating



#11 Run up and down the stairs


Providing they are at a safe age to do this.



#12 Do yoga as a family


#13 Take the dogs for a walk

22 Fun Ways to Get Your Family Active Today! // iFamilyKC Blog
#14 Work out on the Wii



#15 Rent a work out video



#16 Cleaning the house

You heard me right ;). Cleaning burns calories and you could make it fun and make it more like a game. Just be creative.



#17 Go on a scavenger hunt


#18 Play flash light tag


#19 Join a family friendly gym


#20 Build a snow fort


#21 Go Geocaching


#22 Wash the family pets


How do you stay active as a family? We’d love to hear in the comments!


To learn more about Leah, follow her at: http://www.facebook.com/solaceforthesoul


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