US Toy Kansas City Moving to Overland Park After 40 Years on State Line

To accommodate their growth & provide a new experience for shoppers, US Toy Kansas City is moving in 2019! 

US Toy’s new store will be in the vacated Office Max building near 119th & Metcalf in Overland Park, KS. The complex will house not only US Toy, but also Pump It Up and the US Toy Magic & Costume Shop.

Did you realize they have the largest costume shop in KC? And it’s open year round!

This move also means 30% OFF the entire store at their current 103rd & State Line Rd. location as they prep for the big move to Overland Park.

US Toy Kansas City Moving Sale

US Toy Moving to Overland Park in 2019

“We are hopeful we’ll be able to hit the May 2019 target date” for opening the new location said Seth Freiden, CEO of US Toy.

It will serve as a one-stop party shop & resource for families and educators. …Hello convenience!

KC parents & children will experience US Toy in a whole new way. 

…a more modern & convenient store to serve as a go-to party place for families while still providing all of the services and products they always have.

The move will also help US Toy avoid the flooding of Indian Creek River during rainy seasons, as well as provide vast parking options and space for outdoor events throughout the year.

Watch our interview with Seth Freiden – the CEO – for more info about the history of US Toy in Kansas City and their big new move:

What to Expect at the New US Toy?

Expect a party…& no more flooding.

US Toy will offer private parties at their new location, including decorations, inflatables, party favors, and lots of fun.

You just show up & party!

US Toy also acquired, Pump It Up, a party staple in Shawnee that will also be relocating into the new US Toy space. Pump it Up will be open for parties in Shawnee until the big move later this year.

This will benefit not only parents, but also teachers, homeschoolers, theater directors, PTA’s, count groups, or really anyone wanting to host a party, educational activity, or event.

US Toy will create a truly a one-stop party shop by combining their store with Pump It Up, their huge Costume & Magic Shop, & other features to come.  

You will of course still shop the same wonderful items you have come to expect from US Toy over the years.

You’ll find toys, games, seasonal decor, wedding decor, classroom supplies, educational toys, puppets, theater props, party decor, balloons, carnival supplies, party bag stuffers and so much more. 

Their new address will be 12070 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66213. 

US Toy Kansas City Moving Sale


Moving = Savings: BIG Moving Sale

US Toy’s upcoming move means BIG savings for shoppers. 

Shop their sale before they move! 

Their Moving Sale means 30% OFF the entire store – magic & costume shop is excluded. Stay tuned for updates.

Head over to the current store at 2008 W 103rd Terrace in Leawood, KS – just off of I-435 and State Line Road.

But, US Toy is far more than just your typical party store…

US Toy Kansas City Moving Sale

Their location is a resource hub for KC parents, teachers, scout leaders, and caregivers interested in enriching the lives of the children around them.

The staff at US Toy includes former teachers who help develop products that encourage sensory and educational development which cannot be found in other stores.


US Toy Supports KC

Businesses like US Toy, Sprint, & Hallmark add to both the KC culture and our economy.

So, celebrate & support companies that call Kansas City home

US Toy is a family owned business and has served our community for over 65 years.  US Toy is a brand that people recognize and are proud of both here in Kansas City as well as across the globe with their online options at and

There are so many incredible stories from life-long US Toy customers who have childhood memories from the store. How wonderful to be able to share those memories with future generations who can, in turn, create some of their own memories.

us toy


What started in Frances Gershon’s living room in 1953 has since evolved into a multi-million dollar corporation – dedicated to party & teaching resources for families & teachers across the US.

Frances’ grandson, Seth Freiden, is the current CEO of US Toy and is honored to have the opportunity to carry on the family legacy.

US Toy has been a local favorite for several generations, and Seth intends to grow it even more!

US Toy has a goal to be good stewards of the environment and the updates they make all coincide that with that goal.

We are proud of the companies who call KC home and encourage you to check out US Toy for all of your educational and party needs.

Visit US Toy Kansas City at the current location, and watch for their new location May 2019.  Of course you can always shop online too for everything you need. 

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Stay tuned to iFamilyKC for more details on US Toy’s big move including an exclusive behind the scenes tour of their new location in April.

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