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US Toy Alphabet Mat


“I run a home daycare so having educational items that are also fun at the same time are a must for me. My children range from ages 1-5 and it is often times hard to find items that they can all play and learn from. The foam is a very durable quality and can withstand most about anything (trust me I know)! This “toy” can be used to play anything from alphabet hopscotch,¬†alphabet carpet time¬†to find the magic letter. At first the price may seem a little steep but for the amount of play and learning time your child(ren) will get out of this it is well worth the money. Kids love to figure out these letters and don’t even realize they are learning at the same time. If you are looking for a toy that will get your kids excited about the alphabet, from teacher to stay-at-home mom…THIS IS THE TOY FOR YOU.”

US Toy Match It Counting


“This is the perfect set to combine number recognition with counting. Since my children have outgrown small toys (15, 10, 8, 8, 6) all the small educational toys are for my home daycare. My daycare children love to do puzzle time and I have long searched for the perfect number puzzle. This puzzle is it! Without even realizing it they are counting! I even have my 2 year old recognizing numbers and pictures that go together. Before they all know it, they know numbers 1-20! This puzzle is a very thick cardboard material and can withstand a 1 year olds bite without even ripping!”


“Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity from US Toy & iFamilyKC!”

Rai-Shawn Moorehead, mom of 5

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