10 Learning Websites for Kids (FREE & Educational Kids Websites)

Do your children love to go online, but not always to kids websites? Online learning websites for kids are a great way to nourish your child’s growing brain.
Check out our guide of incredible websites for kids that the whole family can enjoy!
…if you’re on the hunt for a great learning website, we’ve got the scoop. Take a look…

10 Learning Website for Kids of All Ages

Computers are no longer just used professionally. They are useful tools in online learning for kids. Educational websites for kids prepare them for the world.

…BUT, if your kids are like mine, they enjoy YouTube videos about other kids opening toys and other less ideal topics.

Kids love the opportunity to get on the tablet or other devices. So, find make screen time more educational, with our guide to learning sites for kids.

Find math websites for kids, fun online learning games, educational videos, recipes for kids, and everything in between with these 10 websites for kids that offer free learning games and activities!

You can also find back to school tips for kids, as well as tips to avoid learning loss (the Summer slide) from experts at The Family Conservancy!

#1 Make Me a Genius

Make Me a Genius is one of the great science websites for kids. It features many educational videos about science for grades 1-7. They can learn about topics including the seasons of the year, soil erosion, electricity, the natural elements, plants, and planets.

The kid-friendly videos are animated and easy to follow with separations for each grade level.

#2 Kids National Geographic

National Geographic for kids is an incredible resource for all ages of students. They have links to videos, information, and facts for both older and younger kids. This educational website is accepted for almost any grade level.

#3 Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids is a learning website for kids created by The Discovery Channel. This website is just for kids so they can learn and explore.

There are kids activities, educational games, puzzles, and more for your kiddos to explore.

#4 Kids Almanac

Kids Almanac is a great learning website for kids- specifically created by The Farmer’s Almanac. It is designed to give kids a chance to track the weather at home, do quizzes and educational activities through free, educational games for all ages.

#5 Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a learning website that was designed to get kids up and get moving. They have educational videos and activities that kids can do. While they follow along, the kids get some exercise!

You can create an at home account that the whole family can enjoy together too.

#6 Spatulatta

Spatulatta is a great learning website for kids that offers FUN cooking tips for kids!

Explore kid-friendly recipes that are fun and healthy all year long!

#7 DOGO News for Kids

DOGO News brings real world news to your child without all the drama that goes with the media.

Here they can read real articles written in a format suitable for kids all compiled in one learning website.

#8 NASA Kids Club

NASA Kids Club is created by NASA, to educate kids about space while giving them fun ways to explore.

Your kids can learn through educational games, videos, photographs and downloads! It will be one of favorite websites for kids this coming year.

#9 Prodigy

Prodigy is a math website for kids. You can create an account for all your children and they can play an interactive fantasy game that prompts them with math questions. Solving the math games allows you to move through the battles in the game. When you sign up, you create a separate screen name for each child and include their grade level.

Prodigy challenges them as they move through the educational game and you can even check up on their progress!

#10 CODE

CODE is a coding website for kids that your whole family can enjoy. If your child has an interest in learning CODE in a fun way this website will not only keep it fun but challenge their mind at the same time!

If you think it sounds fun, give it a try yourself! It will give your brain a workout. This one might be on the list of websites for kids – but adults will enjoy it, too!

These kids websites will stimulate the brain and keep your child engaged with fun learning opportunities.

If you know of any other good educational websites for kids, drop them in the comments below! 🙂

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