KC Women in Tech Empowers Girls: Technology Events & Activities

Whether you’re a woman yourself or you’re raising a daughter, there’s an empowering organization in Kansas City for you – Kansas City Women in Technology.

If you are not familiar with their educational kids activities or mission…you should be. 

There are many ways you can get involved with their organization. If you haven’t heard of their mission, you need to learn more about all they do. 

Educational Kids Activities for Girls with Kansas City Women in Technology

What is Kansas City Women in Technology?

Kansas City Women in Technology (KCWiT) is a local organization that works to empower women in technology related fields. Their goal is to grow the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City through hands-on workshops, activities, networking & more. 

KCWiT designs workshops to help women gain the skills they’ll need to succeed in any tech industry. 

Whether that be in programming, project management, business analysis, data science, etc, they work with women of all ages to help you learn & grow your skills. 

How can Families Participate?

KCWiT offers educational programs for children – CoderDojoKC and Coding & Cupcakes. 

Both programs are designed children interested in programming, while participating in fun activities. Both workshops are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

We encourage the community to check out their events online to find programs for you! You can also explore their teacher resources that includes helpful resources for parents, teachers & scholarship opportunities. 


CoderDojoKC is free kids event that focuses on different areas where kids can earn Mastery Badges. Both girls & boys are welcome to attend. 

Kids can expect to learn Scratch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more! As they develop their skills, they have the ability to present their projects and earn higher badges. Sessions are held the second Saturday of every month from 9am-12pm at KC STEM Alliance.

Coding & Cupcakes

Coding & Cupcakes is a workshop for both student and parent, held 1-4 pm. Workshops rotate between Web Development, Jewelbots (a programmable friendship bracelet), and Games Development I.

At Coding & Cupcakes parents are encouraged to let their children run the computer, but it’s a very interactive workshop. You are provided a worksheet with instructions, so normally the parents read the instructions while the kids update code on their computers. The parents and kids work as a team to build the website, and if they have any questions, mentors are there to help. 

These programs are great supplements for children in traditional schools, or homeschoolers! The organization also recommends online coding sites like W3Schools, Codeacademy, and Coursera for students to learn even more. 

ngGirls and Django Girls

These are both one-day events, held once per year, where girls 14+ learn to build websites. If you have teenagers who are interested in website development, coding or similar industries, these events are a great way to get their feet wet. 

How to Get Involved with KCWiT?

Families are encouraged to sign up for workshops, and they are always looking for more volunteers! All our programs are 100% volunteer run. It’s a great way to network and develop leadership skills if you are already in the industry. 

There are also coding events for specifically for adults – Coding & Cocktails. You do not need to have programming experience to participate, so if you are considering going back to school, why not explore coding?

You can also apply for leadership opportunities, become a mentor or apply for membership. There is no membership fee, but you will get access to their Slack channel to get the most up-to-date info, as well as their helpful emails!

How can Boys Get Involved?

Kansas City Women in Technology (KCWiT) has workshops designed specifically for women and families, but we also host monthly TechTalks where everyone is invited to attend.

TechTalk topics focus on different areas of Tech such as working remotely, project management, kids online safety and more. TechTalks are free and registration can be found on Eventbrite. 

Boys are also welcome at CoderDojoKC, held monthly on the 2nd Saturday. So, come learn more about coding & develop your child’s skills!


No matter how you choose to interact with Kansas City Women in Technology, there are many KCWiT mentors ready to help you & your children learn more about the tech industry, coding & so much more. 

This is a fantastic way to connect with other women in the tech industry throughout Kansas City. So, explore upcoming events to find a program for you!

How is your family planning to take advantage of all KCWiT offers? Drop it in the comments to see who else will be attending…

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