Best Books for Kids

Reading is a cornerstone of learning & education in children. But finding the right books for kids can be challenging, depending on what you’re looking for.

So we gathered the best children’s books for different ages & circumstances.

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Best Books for Kids

Reading is an amazing skill for kids to practice. It helps with literacy, speech and brain development. Plus, it can be fun!

So we’re gathering all our favorite books about different topics & for different age groups. Check it out below:

Improve Social Skills  |  Summer Reading  |

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Summer Reading Books:

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Books to Improve Social Skills:

These books cover a variety of topics and have fun stories to pique the interest of little ones. We’ve rounded up these books with recommendations from our Mom Squad team!

#1 Hooray for Hat by Brian Won-A grumpy elephant gets a surprise and a friend figures out how to cheer him up.

#2 Will You Be my Friend by Susan Lurie – Mouse is shy and has trouble making friends and lands himself a new friend.

#43Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss-A book that talks about emotions and relates them to color and how we can feel differently each day.

#4 What to Do When You’re Scared and Worried by James J Crist PH.D A guide for kids.

#5 Stick Up for Yourself by Gershen Kaufman A kids guide to personal power and self esteem

#6 Social Rules for Kids by Sussan Diamond MA CCC Social rules for success

No matter what books you choose to read with your kids, there’s a benefit to reading! We hope you have fun together.

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