Get Deals on Your Favorite McDonald’s Staples (Discounted Menu Items on Thursdays)

America’s favorite fast food chain has yet another reason for us to visit!

We all love a good throwback Thursday — these discounted items only make it better.

These offers are available for each Thursday and only valid on their app at participating locations.

They are not available in stores (like Walmarts) or at drive-thrus. You have to go inside to get these deals!

McDonald’s Throwback Thursday Deals

From January 14th through February 18th, guests can use the McDonald’s App to get discounts on menu staples.

Be sure to download the app early so you’re prepared…

Here are all the dates and deals. Be sure to mark them on your calendar, so you can take advantage of these amazing deals!

  • Jan. 14 : Small fries for 15¢
  • Jan. 21: Cheeseburger for 25¢
  • Jan. 28: Small shake for 25¢
  • Feb. 4: Apple pie for 20¢
  • Feb. 11: Large fries for 35¢
  • Feb. 18: Cheeseburger for 25¢

Please note: in order to get the discounted price, guests must make an additional purchase with a minimum of $1. (small fry anyone?)

This fantastic deal will not last long!

Be sure to download the app today so you don’t miss out. We hope you enjoy some fries, burgers, shakes and more for all the upcoming Thursdays.

Frugal friends: this one is for you! If you’d like to find more ways to save in Kansas City, check out these local deals.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC