Easy Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids: Homemade Valentines & Boxes!

Like most kids, mine absolutely loves making things for family and friends…Valentine’s Day crafts will soon be taking over our home as they make valentines and other fun art projects…
Valentine’s Day provides such a fun opportunity to show love and appreciation for the special people in your life.
So, we gathered easy Valentines craft ideas for kids. Check out our ideas below:

Valentines day crafts for kids

Easy, Homemade Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

From simple, homemade Valentines crafts to Valentine boxes & treats, we love Valentine’s Day. We love everything about showing others how much I care.

If you’re looking for fun  & easy valentines themed craft ideas, we’ve got three great projects for you.  Now that my daughter is 3 and into art and crafts, I am beyond excited to create some fun and loveable holiday crafts with her!

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> I Love You To Pieces Heart Craft

This V-Day craft is a great option for toddlers, preschoolers & younger kiddos. 

DIY Valentine



  • Mixed colors of paper
  • Stick or white glue that dries clear
  • Heavy piece of paper to use as the outside lining for the heart shape

I found pieces of unused scrapbook, computer and construction paper to find the mix of colors and then got creative to add tissue paper and different embellishments. We chose to use red as our background color for our heart.

I used an old calendar for a heavy-duty paper to cut out my heart. I did the old trick where I folded it in half so the sides matched.

DIY Valentines Crafts

You will be using the outside of the cutout, not the actual heart. I only taped around the sides so the white paper could easily come off when we were done.

I cut all the little pieces of scrap paper for my daughter to glue. She personally separated them all into little piles to keep her colors organized. It is up to you if you want to use white glue or stick glue.

DIY Valentine

From there I set her free to glue, stick, smudge, create and pile on all the “pieces”.

When she was all done I cut around the white square and slowly peeled off the heart cut out. This would make a great gift for grandparents with the added words “I (we) Love You To Pieces” and the grandparents will adore the sweet valentines crafts.


> L-O-V-E Valentine Craft

If your kids love to paint, this one is for you!

DIY Valentines


  • Masking tape
  • Variety of acrylic or watercolor paints
  • A few extra pieces of 4 x 6 paper, color does not matter
  • 8 x 11 inches or larger white card stock paper
  • Old towel or sheet and wipes for cleaning up paint
  • Paintbrushes

This Valentines project was a tag team from both of us which made for some messy and fun memories.

I started off by taping “L O V E” on the large white paper. We used a large 12 x 12 paper which I will eventually trim down to frame this project.

love valentines day craft for kids

The letters were all easy to tape, except for the “O”, as you can see that took a little more effort.

My daughter had no interest in painting on the white paper but wanted to use the acrylic paint on some scrap paper laying near.

Your children can paint whatever they would like on the paper using different Valentines colors and textures.

Let it dry…then add a few more layers of paint. For younger kids you could also use water-color paints.

After the art project has dried for a few hours, carefully peel the masking tape off.

Now you have a finished, Valentines masterpiece. You can set it out for all future Valentine Days!

> Heart String Decor Craft

This fun & easy V-Day craft that you can also use in your home to hang up in your home. There are a lot of different variations you can make of this craft. 

Check out these instructions for creating this fun craft that doubles as decor.  There’s step-by-step instructions – with pictures!

Valentines Day Craft Heart String Decor

> I O-fish-ally Love You Valentine Craft

Glitter, sparkles…what more do Valentines Day crafts need?

valentines day crafts for kids


  • Construction paper
  • Heart shaped embellishments and stickers
  • scissors and glue

This project is perfect for the kids who love stickers!

There really isn’t any set way to do this project…just let your imagination flow.

I cut out the initial hearts to make the fish’s body and showed my daughter how to line up the hearts as scales.

I found these heart stickers and heart cutouts at craft store in the Valentine’s section. You can also check out the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree for Valentines Day craft supplies of all kinds.

We used glue to stick the construction paper together and the heart cut outs. She added the heart stickers where she felt necessary.

I absolutely loved how this turned out and she is very proud to have this one hung high on the refrigerator!

valentines day craft o fishy


Want to skip the mess?

Head over to Kaleidoscope at Crown Center for one of their free family art sessions using leftover materials from Hallmark’s Manufacturing process where your kids can create their own masterpieces to take home!


We also gathered valentine box ideas & Valentines Day snack ideas…check them out below!

10 Homemade Valentine Boxes: 

Every year, we look forward to coming up with ideas for how we can decorate a fun box for Valentine’s day cards at school. Here are some themes we’re throwing around our house this year for your own inspiration.

  1. Mine Craft Box
  2. Unicorn Box
  3. Fortnite Valentines Box
  4. Rainbow Box
  5. Ninja Turtles
  6. Star Wars Themed Valentines Box
  7. Sports Themed Boxes
  8. Animal Valentine’s Day Box
  9. Emoji Valentines Day Box
  10.  Mail Themed Valentines Box


10 Cute Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas:

If your kids are anything like mine, they love creating fun culinary creations. Here are a few ideas to get you started at home…

  1. Valentine’s Day Popcorn
  2. Cuties for your cuties
  3. Heart Shaped Cookies
  4. Love bug fruit cups
  5. Valentine’s Pretzels
  6. Valentines Day Snack Mix
  7. Valentine’s Fruit Kabobs
  8. Heart Wand Snacks
  9. Oreo Pops
  10. Cupid’s Arrows

Pro-Tip: Our friends at Taste Buds Kitchen in Leawood have great Valentine’s themed cooking workshops.

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Happy Crafting!

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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