National Talk Like a Pirate Day: Fun Ideas to Celebrate Pirates

Aaarrrrgh! National Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up fast…are you ready to celebrate pirates?

September is here and we have some fun pirate ideas for you to celebrate. Find fun ways to celebrate talk like a pirate day below. Read on mates!

National Talk Like a Pirate Day


National Talk like a Pirate Day Ideas

National Talk like a Pirate day is a fun, made-up holiday that rolls around once per year.

Each year, it seems more parents, kids, and companies are joining in the fun with neat promotions and activities that get families together.

As a lover of all things pirate, we always do something fun with the kids! Here are some fun ways that you can celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day at home.

When is National Talk like a Pirate Day?

This year, national talk like a pirate day falls on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, so you can celebrate pirate day at school!


Talk like a Pirate Day Ideas:


Pirate dress up

If you already have a costume great, but if you don’t you can use your imagination to create a pirate type outfit. Easy items include capri pants, a loose white top or shirt with frills, a wide belt, boots and a bandana. If you want to add accessories then include anything with skulls or skeletons, hoop jewelry, plastic swords, a stuffed parrot and eye patch.

Pirate mealtime

Pirates aren’t worried about etiquette or fancy foods so finger foods work best. The messier the better! Ditch the silverware for a night and have a little fun. Roast some chicken legs and corn, large hunks of bread and your beverage of choice. Set the table with mismatch dishware, dim the lights or use candles, play some pirate worthy music and let the feast begin!

Check out fun pirate promotions on our Facebook page. They will be shared throughout the day on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

One day per year restaurants around the country celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day with fun promotions.

Long John Silver’s hasn’t published their promotion yet, but they are a fun place to go if you want a pirate-themed meal. You might even be able to score one of those cool paper pirate hats and don’t forget their new menu item….deep fried twinkies!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities

How do you talk like a pirate?

If you and your seaworthy crew want something to do then here are a few activities for you!

  1. Get a pirate name
  2. Seek out a pirate-themed park to play! Frontier Park (Olathe, KS), Listowel Park (Shawnee, KS), Williams-Grant Park (Lees Summit, MO), Kemper Dietrich Park (Kansas City, MO).
  3. Rent or watch a pirate movie. My kids like the Veggie Tale flick, We are the Pirate’s who don’t do anything, and I love Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean.
  4. Do some crafts or learning activities. Check out these free Talk Like a Pirate Day printables!
  5. Go to your local library and check out some pirate themed books or join any pirate themed events that they may have.
  6. Talk or sing like a pirate

Be sure to plan ahead for National Talk like a Pirate day, so you can enjoy all the pirate related fun that you can stand!

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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