Science City: Fun For All Ages

What if there was a place you could let out your inner mad scientist?

A place where you could explore a life on Earth before yours. What if you could learn how to create a robot, how the weather changes or even play tricks on your mind (and eyes) in a one of a kind museum?!

All of these educational activities for kids are located at the one and only Science City Kansas City inside Union Station!


At Science City KC you and your family, including toddlers, can experience the wonderful world of science and how it contributes to our everyday lives! Science City offers memberships through Union Station (unlimited visits too) that will fit any family’s needs as well as single day admission tickets for those wanting to check it out first or those that are visiting the area!

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So what does Science City at Union Station have to offer?

With many learning activities for kids, you can enjoy a fun, hands on adventure while exploring one of their many attractions!

Science City Attractions for Kids

Demo Area

In the Demo Area, the whole family can gather around and watch science experts bring science activities to life with different demonstrations! These demos are free to enjoy and have varying times as well as focus.

Every Last Drop

One of my favorite learning activities at Science City KC is the Every Last Drop attraction! Kids can learn where water comes from, how it is utilized in the world around us and what they can do to conserve it! This is a great learning activity for toddlers because not only can you both learn, but they can play around in the water while learning!

Genetics: Unlock the Code

This learning activity for kids is a great way to help them learn and understand their genetics! Kids can learn what makes them, them by learning how their cells work through interactive discovery!


In the Kinderlab, your toddler and early learner can explore, build and imagine and play in an exhibit space specifically designed for ages 1-7! Plus, every Thursday between 10am-12pm they offer early childhood programs that offer great learning activities for toddlers!

Mr. E Hotel

One of the coolest hotels around town is the Mr. E Hotel inside Science City KC! While this isn’t a real hotel, you can explore this attraction and marvel at the wonderful illusions created by the famed illusionist Mr. E! This attraction has 21 different illusions you can enjoy and is of course.. FREE!

Sky Bike

The Sky Bike is exactly as it sounds, a bike in the sky! Riders will test and understand the laws of physics by learning the importance of their center of gravity as well as understanding the differences between balance and counterweights! This ride does have two requirements to ensure the safety of riders. Riders must be at least 53in tall and weigh less than 200lbs. All ages that fall within those requirements are able to enjoy a free ride!

Simple Machines at Play

Looking for some outside learning activities for kids? Then the Simple Machines at Play is the attraction for you! This free attraction has simple machines that are fun and engaging ways for them to learn how machines such as ziplines, levers, wheels and pulleys work!


Discovery Areas at Science City

Test Kitchen

In the Test Kitchen, field trip groups can learn the chemistry behind the food that we eat by testing sugar and starches, blending and mixing and create their by acting as a real food scientist! The Test Kitchen spots must be reserved and purchased by visiting https://uskc.wufoo.com/forms/m1gb3fv60vdrns1/ and filling out the reservation form!

The Maker Studio

The Makers Studio at Science City is a cool way to incorporate science into a creative, technology driven hands on way. There are open activities from 11am-4pm Monday- Saturday and 1pm-4pm Sundays. Daily workshops for kids 8+ are at 2:30pm and for ages 7 and under are Thursdays at 11:30am!


There are many more attractions at Science City Kansas City and each one is free with your membership or ticket purchase unless otherwise noted. They are open 10am- 5pm Monday – Saturday and from noon- 5pm on Sunday! Union Station is open Monday- Sunday from 6am- Midnight!

After a fun filled time at Science City, you and your family can keep exploring more fun, scientific and historical attractions!

Since Science City is located inside Union Station Kansas City, you can take a quick trip to space at the Planetarium, walk through history in the 100+ year old station and mini museum of trains or catch a movie on the Extreme Screen Theater! Plus, with traveling exhibits like Stonehenge ( current) or Genghis Khan (October 2019) you can make it fun and educational!


Science City Hours:

Science City Membership:


Fun Things to Do Around Science City:

Also around the area you can shop ‘till you drop at the famous Crown Center, visit LegoLand Kansas City or SeaLife Kansas City or enjoy a FREE session at Kansas City’s own Kaleidoscope! One of my personal favorites! WW1 Museum


Imagine a place where you can visit an Astronaut’s living quarters, solve crimes using forensic science, ride a bicycle in the sky, see Earth from space, fly a police helicopter, and power on the lights by walking on a treadmill. What if I told you there was a place that offered all of that, and much more, all in the same building? Science City at Union Station offers fun and educational resources for children and adults of all ages. Conveniently located inside Union Station, Science City is a fun way to enjoy a day right here in the metro.

Travelers who just happen upon Union Station wouldn’t really know what Science City was unless they were looking for it. I think that’s part of the charm in what makes it so fun- it’s like stepping into a secret room full of imaginative activities like Melody Park, the first interactive space you’ll see when you arrive. The three story space has a lot going on and is a place that you could easily spent an entire day enjoying. My husband, two year old daughter, and I went with our friends and their 20 month old daughter and we had a blast.

What I enjoy most about Science City is that there really is something there for everyone. My daughter was able to spend some time playing in Kinderlab, an area specifically for toddlers. They have building blocks, books, and a classroom for groups all within a safe, confined space that you can feel comfortable letting your little one explore. Also on the same floor is their playground and a small animal exhibit which were big hits with our little group. As an adult, I really enjoyed the wind and solar station on the second floor, an interactive area that helps you understand how making sustainable choices (like the wind turbines you can find in rural Kansas) helps to build a brighter future. I was also fascinated by the Science On A Sphere, an incredible way to look at our planet in a whole new way.If you’re looking for a rainy day (or any day) activity to enjoy with your family this spring, I definitely recommend spending some time down at Union City. There is so much to explore and enjoy and you might even learn something along the way.

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC
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