10 Kid Approved Ideas for a Fun Pajama Party!

Hey Kansas City! Sometimes, we all need to be a little more creative and have some fun with the kiddos. Our Mom Squad Ambassador, Darcy, and her daughters came up with these 10 great ideas for a fun (and simple) pajama party at home! Check it out…

10 Kid Approved Ideas for a Fun PJ Party!


10 Kid Approved Ideas for a Fun PJ Party!


A couple nights ago, I was cooking dinner when my four-year-old came in and told us she was hosting a pajama party after dinner. It being a week night, I was a little nervous about this plan. As we ate I told her that we didn’t have enough time for me to organize our usual PJ Party staples (popcorn, living room tent, board games…). She told me that was fine she would plan everything, we all just needed to be in our pajamas after dinner for the party. She also told me this would be “fantastic for my blog,” so here we are. As I was cleaning up dinner, she began getting restless; so, to distract her, I asked what was on her itinerary for the night. She asked what itinerary meant. I told her it was a planned list of activities. She decided to write one up and I scored another 15 minutes of uninterrupted clean-up time.

Since she can’t write many words yet, she decided to write numbers 1-10 and drew a check box and a picture next to each one. Here’s her list, translated.

10 Kid Approved Ideas for a Fun PJ Party!

#1 Tell scary stories

#2 Tell jokes

#3 Make shadow puppets


10 Kid Approved Ideas for a Fun PJ Party!


#4 Brush and style hair

#5 Read a book while eating a snack

#6 Pillow fight

10 Kid Approved Ideas for a Fun PJ Party!

#7 Brush teeth

#8 Sing a song

#9 Jump on the bed

#10 Pick a stuffed animal to sleep with

10 Kid Approved Ideas for a Fun PJ Party!

The family went through her itinerary and it ended just a few minutes past bedtime. We all had a really fun time and I was so impressed with the ideas she had. It made me think that maybe I should turn more of our ‘fun evening’ planning to the kids. We all know how much time and effort it can take for us parents at times to plan and execute a special evening for our families, and this worked out perfectly for all of us. Ask your kids to plan you family’s next night in and see what they come up with. And if they need some ideas to get started, feel free to use some of my daughter’s.

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