How Did My Daughter’s 1st Birthday Become MORE Overwhelming Than Wedding Planning?!

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We’ve all been there – – that agonizing feeling that the birthday party you’re planning for your little one is just not enough. My own daughter turned 4 in February and I struggled with thinking that I should have made her cake or decorations instead of going the store bought route. You know what, though?! Everyone had a great time and I don’t think that it would have mattered if I had spent the extra hours hand making everything this year. Since we know that many of you fall into the same boat, we’ve asked our friend Shannon over at Center Stage Personalized Gifts to give her take birthday party planning. Take a look…
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How did my daughter’s first birthday become more overwhelming than wedding planning?
In this day and age everything has to be Pinterest DIY and fabulous! However, where does that leave us over worked and tired moms? Rather you work outside of the home, on the home or a little of both, if you’re a mom to a little one or more, your day starts with a shower (most days) and end with a where did my day go! I am fortunate to work from home, which is both a blessing and a curse. When you try to do everything it can turn out that you’re not too good with any of it. This brings some extra stress around the time of year that you head to Pinterest and try to find the most original idea that everyone else has already done for your little prince or princess’s birthday party.
 I did Minnie Mouse last year for my daughter’s ALL IMPORTANT first birthday and felt the need to DIY everything I could get my hands on. I am pretty sure that by the end of it, it rivaled the stress I had while planning my wedding. Looking back, was it worth it, well yeah! But, could I have been easier on myself, yes. I changed plans several times and my party at home with a few friends and family continued to grow and grow and before I knew it, I was overwhelmed and decided to look elsewhere to move the party and take a little pressure off myself. We picked Little Monkey Bizness and it was one of the best decisions we made. She loves that place and all her little friends had a great time too! The person assigned to my party was with me the whole time to make sure I stayed on schedule, helped me with what was next and was seriously just awesome! So sometimes doing everything your self doesn’t have to be the only option. I will say though I did still have my adorable picture cake of the baby, the decorations with her face on everything, my chalkboard stats of all her first year accomplishments that I designed (which still sits in her room and I love to look at it every day and see how big she has grown), the first year slideshow (that didn’t work right and skipped a bunch of slides), the homemade tutu outfit, personalized Minnie Mouse “1” onesie, homemade tutu for her height chair (yes, it is now important to also dress the height chair adorably) and the invitations I designed which will go in her scrap book (that I will get around to making someday). After all the stress and the moving, she had a great party and I was glad that I put the time and effort into it because I have a few mementos to keep and look back on.
What has me reminiscing about the first birthday? Her second birthday fast approaches in 2 months…I seriously have no idea where the time has gone. I still want it to be awesome, but I don’t want to have to stress so much. For me, having the birthday somewhere else was nice for no clean up after (or before) and gave her somewhere special to celebrate so we will start the hunt for that again. I have asked my daughter what kind of birthday party does she want to have this year? She continues to say “MINNIE”! I have tried princesses and the like, but no Minnie it shall be again. So I get to have a party twice and make it seem different ha-ha. I love the slideshow and though I did it last year and it had technical issues it will be a fun memory to have and it will be different because it’s another year of fun, love and laughter we have shared! I am going to get her the cutest personalized Minnie and Mickey Mouse CD that sings her name though out. We just returned from Disney World and she will love to hear her name sang by Mickey, Minnie and Goof the only sad part is they don’t have a Happy Birthday song for her like the Disney Princesses Tea Party and The Wiggles CD offers. Maybe next year we will be a little more into the Disney Princesses…it has already started. And of course she will need another tutu fit for a birthday princess, but I think mostly I will try to remember the fun of the birthday and try not to stress about it being perfect. She will love it regardless and my family and friends will love just watching her run around and be adorable (because let’s face it she is). I think the first year was consumed by how amazing the party had to be and making it all about perfection and each year after that will be trying not to cry because my baby is growing up way too fast!!
What are some of the fun birthday party ideas you have done?
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