Homemade Ornaments

There is something that is just extra special about making Christmas tree homemade ornaments yourself. You can include your children or just do them yourself. You can make them for your personal tree or give them as a gift. Making them is just half the fun. The other half…..the memories of the time you spent making them.

Natural Ornament

Natural Ornament

Look to your own backyard to add nature-inspired elements to your tree. Michelle Edwards of Sweet Something Designs harvested acorns during fall and used the caps to create acorn ball ornaments. “Paint a Styrofoam ball brown and push the caps in with a dab of hot glue,” she says. Add some glue to the caps, embellish them with any color glitter to match your tree and top them off with ribbon and twine for hanging. Add glittered pinecones and greenery for a truly nature-inspired Christmas tree. Reuse the ornaments by placing them in a clear bowl for the perfect fall centerpiece. Courtesy of HGTV.com

Lighted Tree Ornament

Homemade Lighted Tree Ornament

Trace a cookie cutter onto felt, then punch multiple holes. Glue plastic beads over holes and hang in a window. Courtesy of Parent.com

O’ Christmas Tree Topper

O' Christmas Tree Topper Homemade Ornament

Marian Parsons of Mustard Seed Interiors gives new purpose to sheet music by transforming it into an unconventional tree topper. She simply twisted sheet music into cone shapes and hot-glued them to a cardboard circle backing. Glue the cone-shaped pieces to a doughnut-shaped cardboard backing for a matching wreath to welcome guests.  Courtesy of HGTV.com

Chime Ornament

Chime Ornament Homemade

  • Paper or plastic cup
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Jingle bell (available at tohoshoji-ny.com)
  • Paintbrush
  • White glue
  • Tinsel garland

1. Poke a small hole in the bottom of the cup.

2. Cut ribbon to a length that is about four times the height of the cup. Thread a jingle bell halfway onto the ribbon and double it. Knot the doubled ribbon together about halfway, making sure that the bell will hang just below the opening of the cup.

3. Push the ends of the ribbon through the hole in the cup and tie at the top to hang.

4. Spread glue on the outside of the cup and wrap tinsel garland around until covered completely; let dry.

Courtesy of Parent.com and Originally published in the December 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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