Fun & Easy Valentines Day Craft: Strand of Hearts Decor

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fun craft that doubles as Valentine’s Day decor!

This craft is easy to do with young children, but also fun all ages to make on their own. Plus, it’ll bring a little love to your home.

Valentines Day Craft Heart String Decor

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Valentine’s Day Craft Instructions:

Below are easy-to-follow instructions to create this fun Valentine’s Day decor that doubles as a fun craft!

1. Gather your supplies: Scissors, tape, pen, cardboard or store bought hearts, yarn, twine or rope.

Valentines Day Craft Heart String Decor Supplies

2. If making hearts out of cardboard, trace a heart outline onto surface and cut into shape.

If you want to make hearts of different shapes and sizes, this is a good way to add dimension to your decor.

3. Take your heart shape and cut into side about half an inch.

Make sure you don’t cut through the center of the circle or rip when wrapping.

4. Take the end of your yarn and pull through the cut.

You can use tape if doesn’t stay in the cut of the heart.

Valentines Day Craft for Heart STring Decor step 2

5. Begin wrapping yarn around heart until completely covered.

You want to keep the yarn tight when wrapping around the heart so it maintains the shape of a heart as the string get thicker.

Taping down a bottom layer of string can also help to keep the string tight.

Valentines Day craft instructions for heart string decor step 3

6. Once you have heart covered, cut the yarn leaving about a 2 inch tail.

Be sure to leave enough space to tie a knot & loop so you can string the hearts onto the rope.

7. Push the tail through part of the wrapped yarn at top of heart.

8. Make a loop at top and then tie to yarn on heart to be able to hang on rope.

You want to make all loops about the same size so there is consistency in the hanging of the hearts on the rope. Don’t make your loop too big or your heart will hang low.

9. Continue this process until you have enough hearts to your liking.

You can make only a few hearts or tons; depends on how many you would like on your string. You can also add in other shapes if you would like!

10. Pull rope through loop on top of your yarn hearts.

We alternated the heart colors to create a pattern, but you can also string the hearts in random order to create a unique pattern.

Valentines Day Craft for Heart String Decor

And you are done!

Feel free to hang over a mantle, doorway or even a window. You can also hang these up on Valentine’s Day morning to make your day a little special.

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We hope you have fun making this Valentine’s Day craft with your kiddos. If you have extra crafty hacks or tips, drop them in the comments…

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