Fun & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Crafts to do as a family?

Here are a couple of our favorite Thanksgiving craft ideas for your kids.

These craft ideas are easy to make…and easy to clean up!

thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids You Can Do at Home

You can never go wrong with Thanksgiving crafts to celebrate the holiday.

Hand print or foot print craft projects make an adorable memory, especially if your kids plan on giving it to a loved one they are thankful for. These gifts will completely melt any grandparent or loved one’s heart.


Hand & Footprint Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Supplies: Fall inspired colors for the paints and craft paper, wipes to clean up, paint brushes, googly eyes, scissors and glue.

easy thanksgiving crafts

Start with yellow paint or the lightest color and coat one hand in paint. Firmly press down their hand to white paper, using your hand to steady those wiggly fingers. Wipe the hand off and do the same with the orange and red paint. Layer the hands in the same area to create turkey feathers. Set aside the handprints to dry.

After that clean up then move on to the feet. Lather your child’s foot with brown paint and toes with orange paint and press their foot against the paper. Set aside footprint to dry.

Cut around the hand and footprints. Cut a red tear drop shape (for the waddle) and a triangle shape for the beak and then have your kiddos glue those together and add a googly eye to make the turkey face.

Simply glue the handprints to the back of the footprint. Either keep it as is or glue to another piece of paper having your kiddos sign their name.

Another fun idea is to make just one turkey for the entire family. Using each family members hand to make the turkeys feathers! Whatever you decide to do you just created an adorable craft to hang up for Thanksgiving or to give to someone you all love.

easy thanksgiving craft ideas



Thankful for Family Thanksgiving Craft

Supplies: Different colors of construction paper, 10 x 10 canvases, 12 x 12 piece of fabric and glue.

easy thanksgiving crafts

First lay the fabric on the canvas, wrap around the sides and glue down.

Have each family member trace their hands in a different color construction paper. Start with dad’s hand, than moms and the rest of the kid’s hands from largest too small. Glue each one on top of the other one and finish off with a constructed turkey face.

You now have a beautiful turkey full of color! Using sticker letters, puff paint or a fabric marker, write Thankful for Family on your canvas either above, below or around your family turkey!

easy thanksgiving craft ideas

As the crisp air continues to come in the next few weeks these projects will be the perfect crafts to keep your kids busy.

Do you have other fun Thanksgiving craft ideas? Drop them in the comments below! We love making arts & crafts with the kids, so we are always looking for new & fun ideas to do as a family.

Happy crafting!

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From our family to yours, iFamilyKC. 

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