Easter Peeps Gingerbread House: Easy Peasy at Home Kids Activities

If you’re looking for how to celebrate Easter at home this year, we’ve got a fun activity for you!

Jen from our team has created a video to show you one of the most easy kids activities that you can do at home.

Follow these easy steps for you and the kiddos to create your own Easter Peeps Graham Cracker House.

Adorable + YUMMY = Win

How to Make the Peeps Easter Gingerbread House:

This is a supper easy Easter activity you can do at home that doubles as a snack! Check out the supplies to ingredients to grab from the store (or your pantry) before you watch the video on how to.

What Supplies You Need:

    • Parchment paper
    • Knife
    • 3 sheets graham crackers
    • Frosting
    • Sprinkles
    • Peeps
    • M&Ms
    • Any other decorations you would like to add to your house. 

Video: Easter Gingerbread House with Peeps



First, lay your parchment paper out on the table. Take you graham cracker sheets and split in half. Then, clean the edges with a knife.

You should have 6 total squares once complete.

> Next, take one of your graham squares and split again on perforated line.

Now you should have one small rectangle. Create a triangle by cutting diagonally from edge to middle of graham. Now, do the same thing on the opposite side.

Place one graham square on parchment paper. Take your triangle graham and place above.

> Then, time to create the walls of the house.

Grab your Frosting and add a line to the top of graham. Place triangle piece on top. This will be the back of the house.

Take two more graham squares add frosting to one edge on both pieces. Then add frosting to another adjacent side halfway down.

These pieces are for the roof and will need to attach to your triangle piece and each other. With your two remaining graham squares add frosting to two adjacent sides.

Attach one frosted side to the back of your house and one to the top of the roof.

> Now, let sit for 15 minutes for frosting to harden.

Once your frosting has hardened, you are ready to place up right. Put frosting on the bottom of your house to sit on your parchment paper or a plate.

> Last, time to decorate your Easter gingerbread house!

Take a peep and cut the bottom off. Add frosting to bottom and set outside of your house.

Feel free to add sprinkles for grass and M&Ms to the roof, using frosting.


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