Fun Alternatives To Cupcakes For School Birthdays

Celebrating school birthdays can be a challenge with all the restrictions due to allergies and regulations regarding pre-packaged snacks and treats. So what is a mom to do when she can’t bake her usual homemade treats for school? Maybe you just want to err on the healthier side? Here are a few ideas from Ruth, with the iFamily Mom Squad, to make your child’s birthday a success without providing pre-packaged cupcakes or cupcakes at all-if your school allows them.

Fun Alternatives To Cupcakes For School Birthdays

DIY snacks.

If you are in the mood to be a bit creative you can bring in individual DIY treats. Maybe your child loves fruit or cheese crackers, you can work with that. Look up some fun food crafts online that kids can easily build themselves in a few minutes. Pinterest has some great ideas for food crafts such as these healthy snail and caterpillar snacks: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/128000814388908906/ If you base the snack off of foods and themes your child loves, then the activity is bound to be a winner!

Birthday make and take crafts.

If you want to steer away from sweet treats or food for any reason, you can supply a craft project instead. Talk with your teacher in advance to see if you can supply a special craft activity in place of edibles to celebrate your child’s birthday. You can base it off of favorite characters that your child likes or you can do something strictly birthday related. Local stores carry kid craft kits or you can explore ideas that you find online. Last year I printed off pictures of birthday cakes on to cardstock paper for kids to color and cut, added string so they could wear them as hats. While they were making crafts I read them Happy Birthday to you, pop up edition by Dr. Seuss.

Make a classroom donation

In honor of your child’s birthday you can donate fun things to the classroom. Be sure to involve your little one in the process. Have them choose some books to add to the class library or a new game. You could even pick out something from your teacher’s wish list!

Have the class personalize an item.

Have your child’s class personalize a hoody, apron, poster or other item for their birthday. Fabric markers, sharpies, stickers and so on work well for this. Peers can draw pictures, write messages or sign names as a fun way to commemorate the occasion.

For more ideas relating to birthday ideas you can search on the internet for non-food birthday celebrations at school or check out this PDF: http://www.cpschools.com/Schools/NHP/pdfs/nonfoodcelebrations.pdf

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