6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break

6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break !

Christmas is quickly approaching and the kids are now home for a while on Christmas break.  Christmas break is always exciting for kids no school, no homework, free time, and Christmas is right within reach. However it often doesn’t take long before cabin fever sets in and they begin to become rambunctious or bored. That is why its best that you find ways to keep them occupied so you can keep your sanity. What better way to do this then to do holiday and Christmas themed activities! You and the kids will keep busy while having TONS of holiday fun!  Here 6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break!

christmas cookies 6 Kid Friendly Activities for Winter Break


1. Cookie Extravaganza. Tis the season for holiday baking. Everyone loves a sweet treat this time of year especially Christmas cookies. Get the kids involved with helping you baking or the age old tradition of cookie cutters and decorating Christmas cookies! They will love getting creative and helping mom in the kitchen. Stick with traditional cookies such as chocolate chip, peanut butter & sugar OR click here for even more unique holiday cookie recipes or decorating ideas.

Holiday Sled Treats 6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activties for Winter Break

It doesn’t just have to be cookies! With the help of pinterest there are so many adorable and delicious holiday treat ideas just like the teddy bear sleighs pictured! ( For this treat all you need is mini candy canes, mini snickers or milky way’s and a box of teddy grahams. ) Click here for more creative holiday treat ideas.

Gingerbread House 6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break

2. Build a Gingerbread House.  Gingerbread houses are a holiday tradition & a delicious one at that. The kids will have a blast with this! I mean what is more fun than building a play house out of candy… that you can EAT! Build a big one as a family or let each kiddo make their own! What you will need is graham crackers, frosting, gum drops, peppermints, candy canes, licorice, M&M’s, and whatever other candy you’d like! For more ideas on how to make the perfect gingerbread house click here.

Popsicle Stick Ornaments 6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break

3.  Popsicle Stick Ornaments & Decorations! Popsicle sticks are the ultimate craft because you can make almost anything out of them including Christmas decorations! Christmas a tree, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, picture frames, sleds, or Santa the possibilities are endless. All you need is Popsicle sticks, glue, paint or markers, beads, googly eyes, or glitter, and string if you want to make it into an ornament.  For more ideas on Christmas crafts made with Popsicle sticks click here.

homemade christmas paper 6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break

4. Homemade Wrapping Paper.  This is a fun way to get the kids involved in the gift giving of Christmas plus it puts an adorable personal touch to your gifts! For small gifts you can use the inside of paper groceries bags or you may need a roll of brown or white paper. You can use acrylic paints, markers, or crayons. To get perfect Christmas shapes you can trace cookie cutters or if using paint you can use sponges. Also if you’re feeling brave enough to let the kids get a little messy they can use their handprints!

homemade christmas card 6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break

5. Christmas Card Making. Continue you and your kids work as Santa’s little elves and decorate your very own Christmas cards. It is an activity that the kids will enjoy and your friends and relatives will cherish when they receive them. For homemade Christmas card ideas click here.

grinch movie 6 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities for Winter Break

6. Christmas Movie Marathon! Christmas themed movies are always a hit with kids they can sit down and rest from all the crafts or take time to eat some of the treats you have been making. It is also a way to keep them occupied while you get some holiday baking, cleaning, or gift wrapping done. An idea is to let each kid pick out a movie and then maybe you share one of your holiday favorites with them. Click here for a list of popular Christmas movies for kids.

Hope you and the kids enjoy these fun activties! Happy Holidays!

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