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Springtime Funtime Recipe: “Bunny Bait”

Hello, KC! We’ve been spending a lot of time outside in our household learning about nature and about new life. From the budding blossoms to the little creatures that we’ve seen, it’s such a...

Breakfast Sushi 0

Breakfast Sushi

This is a little twist on breakfast to keep things fun and interesting with the kiddos. Peel the banana and completely cover with a thick coat of peanut butter. Then roll in rice krispies....

Fast, Easy, and Yummy Holiday Treats! 0

Fast, Easy, and Yummy Holiday Treats!

Peppermint Bark Easy to prepare, no bake time and only three ingredients! The kids will enjoy crushing the candy canes in a gallon size baggie.  We love making this with any remaining candy canes...