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Educational Ideas for Kids (Games, Books, Websites…)


Your kids’ education plays a big part in their success later in life. You would be surprised to know how much help kids learning games & other educational activities can be!


But, navigating education can be difficult…we aren’t teachers after all. Where to find the best kids educational games? What educational activities can we do at home? What books are appropriate for my kids reading level? Which websites are good for kids’ education?


…we found the answers to all your questions! (& then some)


Prepare & educate your child by taking an active role in their education & school life. Use this guide for educational games, activities, events, ideas, & educational advice to help your kiddos grow.


Find educational games for kids, early learning activities, fun educational websites for kids, tips to prevent Summer learning loss (The Summer Slide), books by age group/reading level, educational activities for kids of all ages, as well as many other kids learning games and educational topics.