Quality Swimming Lessons for Kids: Aqua-Tots Year-Round in KC

If your family loves Summer as much as ours, then your need swimming lessons for your kids…

But don’t wait for warm weather to enjoy swimming lessons for your kids. Learn more about the importance of swim lessons, or check out great water safety tips for kids to follow all year!

Looking for indoor pools to practice the skills your kiddos have learned? Our Indoor Pool Guide & Swimming Pools in Kansas City give your family indoor options and outdoor ones.


Swimming Lessons for Kids: Swim Time in KC!

Are your children comfortable in & around water?

Swimming is a vital skill for kids of ANY age, so swim lessons are important. Increased exposure to water helps children of all ages become more comfortable AND safe.

Safe Swimming Lessons, Year-Round

Enjoy swimming lessons right here at Aqua-Tots Olathe – any time of year! Their lessons are designed for children of all ages and abilities, from 4 months all the way to age 12. 

Swim classes include infant and baby swimimng lessons, toddler swimming lessons, and structured swim classes.

Aqua-Tots also offers swim lessons for adults and special needs students. Their Olathe facility is BRAND new & ready for your family to just keep swimming. 🙂 (According to Dori)


The Best Swimming Lessons: Aqua-Tots Swim Center

“Nothing short of a blast!”

The smiling Aqua Tots crew greeted us at the door.

Once it was time for the kids’ swim lessons, experienced coaches guided the kids through simple swimming techniques to prepare for water safety.

Swimming Lessons in Kansas City

The best part? I could watch through the glass (from the lobby!)

They also have a large changing area where you can get ready for your swim lesson or change after class. There is even a play area to occupy my younger kids while waiting! That was a game changer for me.


Swim Lessons – Any Time

Aqua-Tots Swim School in Olathe teaches swim lessons to families throughout KC, at their location (119th & I-35, near AMC)

Aqua-Tots offers a variety of flexible swim schedules to meet your family’s swimming needs with morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend class times. Swimming lessons begin at 4 months old and progress up through swim lesson levels (1-8) based on age and ability.

Their year-round, indoor pool gives Kansas City families a clean, safe, and family-friendly environment for your kiddos to learn to swim.

Their pool is even temperature & humidity controlled; always a comfortable 90 degrees to keep your kids comfortable during their lesson. 


Highly Trained Swim Instructors: Swim Safety is #1

Swim Safety During Swim Lessons in Kansas City

Since 1991, Aqua-Tots has led the swim industry in swim lessons & swimming instruction. They focus on delivering top-quality swim lessons while giving swimmers Lessons for Life. Each swim coach receives extensive training to ensure you and your child are at ease through each swim lesson.

Instructors go through over 30 hours of intensive classroom and in-the-water training.  In addition, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Water Safety Instructors (AT-WSI) have passed an online exam and have obtained CPR training prior to teaching their first swim lesson.

Their curriculum focuses on swim safety to help children learn how to swim and develop a lifelong love of swimming. 

Fun Kids Swim Lessons in Kansas City with Aqua Tots

Just Keep Swimming 

Make sure you plan a day to explore Aqua Tots state of the art facility. The high-quality swim experience offers a comprehensive curriculum, quality swim instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and convenient locations. Aqua-Tots has everything your family needs!

Increasing exposure to water will help your child become more comfortable in and around water.

After all, safety comes first. 🙂 Happy Swimming!

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