Behind the Scenes at Mesner Puppet Theater

The Joy of Puppetry Comes to Life at Mesner Puppet Theater

A Behind the Scenes Look

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We recently had the chance to take you all on a very special behind the scenes tour of Mesner Puppet Theater after their showing of “The Snowy Day and Other Stories” by Zera Jack Keats. The performance, much like the theater itself, was simply joyful to witness. The storytelling was so fun and the kids really enjoyed the opportunity to watch the puppets come to life. There’s something magical about storytelling and the players at Mesner Puppet Theater really seem to take that to heart. In case you missed it when we aired it live, you can find our video tour online anytime:


Mesner Puppet Theater aims to be innovative, imaginative, and inspiring and they successfully accomplish that in a variety of ways. From their live shows to their classes, workshops, and parties, your family will enjoy your experience inside the unique atmosphere.


Live Shows

Throughout the season, families and groups can enjoy a variety of wonderful Mesner puppet performances by the actors and actresses at the theater. During the show that we watched, there were two performers playing several different characters throughout the show (more on that in the back half of the video above). Performances take place during the week and on weekends so groups and families with children of all ages can enjoy the experience. After each performance, guests are invited to stick around and create puppets of their very own based on a character from the show.

Educational Classes

Children ages preschool through 4th grade can participate in a variety of educational classes during the school year at Mesner Puppet Theater. Each class is geared towards the individual skill set of the grade level it’s geared for and they take place during the week and on the weekends for flexibility in scheduling.


Mesner’s workshops are geared towards developing the potential of each individual child and they aim to help students become happy, successful, and well-adjusted adults. They have several different options available for school aged children to attend on Field Trips at Mesner Puppet Theater.


Your child can celebrate their special day with a birthday party at Mesner Puppet Theater. Their party packages include 20 tickets to the show and puppet making kits for each guest.

Can’t Make It Out to the Theater?

Mesner Puppet Theater can come to YOU! The puppeteers are available for on-site visits to school aged children from Kingergarten through 12th grade.

Connect with Mesner Puppet Theater for More Details on Programs!

Ready to explore more?! We don’t blame you! Connect with Mesner Puppet Theater directly to inquire about programs, classes, and parties available to your children today.

Mesner Puppet Theater • 1006 Linwood Boulevard • Kansas City, MO 64109
Phone: +1 816-756-3500 • Fax: +1 816-756-3045 • Central Ticket Office: 816-235-6222