Learning2Fly Kids Club…Come Feel Like You’re Flying

The May Kids Club Event at Learning2Fly taught kids to fly with aerial silks as kids explored the unique aerial fitness studio.

Everyone Wants to Learn2Fly

…doesn’t everyone wish their super power was flying?

Kids experienced Aerial Yoga while building core body strength and self worth. An encouraging word by Sumya Anani, owner and operator taught children the power of positivity while steering them away from ‘I can’t’ statements.

At this month’s kid’s club event, children ages 6 and up were invited to explore the environment and get a taste the different things they have to offer. Kids were able to try out hammocks, silks and do a craft with an affirmation of their choosing. Small groups allowed each child to be an active participant during the entire event. It appeared as though the kids felt equally challenged as they were happy to be there. I even overheard a child or two asking to return soon!

I joined this month’s event with my own children. It was our second visit there and it did not disappoint. My son took it all in and really got into the meditation groove on and off the silks. My daughter, the crafter, explored the artsy part of the program and left with the affirmation, “I am nice.” They both enjoyed their time at Learning2Fly and are looking forward to our next drop in class.

Looking for a unique environment…?

This is it.

The location stands out in Mission, KS with dome shaped building that provides a special fitness environment for all ages. From the outside it seems like you are entering the unknown, but once you enter through the chalkboard door, it feels calm.

The interior is colorful and inviting. I believe this reflects Sumya’s own love of colorful tie dye, which if you read the website closely, happens to be her favorite-if you are looking to score some brownie points! The split level building allows for an area specific to those wanting to work with silks and a smaller area for those wanting to work in hammocks.

Everyone is Welcome:

…from toddlers to retirees!

The facility itself caters to all ages with classes, special programs, parties and camps throughout the year.

If you are looking to find more information about Learning2Fly check out their classes, programs, camps & more! You can even create an account and register for any upcoming classes online!

There is something for almost everyone…even your preschooler! Learning2Fly is located at 4711 Lamar in Mission, KS inside the white geodesic dome off I-35. To contact Sumya with questions you can reach her by phone: 913-262-2600 or by email sumya@iamlearning2fly.com.

Come fly with us!

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