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Classes & Programs for Kids

Find all kinds of activities, programs & classes for kids like; kids cooking classes, summer programs, art or acting classes, painting classes & more. Kansas City has fun & educational options for children of all ages and interests.


Summer Camps, Spring Break Camps & More

There are camps for kids nearly all year round – Spring Break camps, Summer camps & other fun camps for your kiddos. Whether you need a full week camp or just a day camp, you can find options…

Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Guide to Summer Camps in Kansas City (2021)

Everyone looks forward to summer camps – even parents! So we gathered our favorite KC camps for kids across the city. If you’re looking for kids camps of every kind — you’ve come to...

Special Needs Summer Camps 2020: Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs

Special Needs Summer Camps in Kansas City

Fun summer camps & programs are a part of childhood. They provide fun things to do in the Summer, as well as lasting memories. Special needs camps for kids are no different. It’s important...

mesner puppet theater

Behind the Scenes at Mesner Puppet Theater

The Joy of Puppetry Comes to Life at Mesner Puppet Theater A Behind the Scenes Look We recently had the chance to take you all on a very special behind the scenes tour of...

aerial yoga for kids

Aerial Fitness for KIDS: All About Learning2Fly

Our team here at iFamilyKC is so excited to bring you exciting opportunities, share fun events with you, and introduce you to incredible resources all across the metro area every single month. One of...