Why is it important to develop a theme for a child's birthday party or special event?

Using a "THEME" adds a more festive touch to your party and creates a truly memorable experience for your child and your guests. A theme helps focus attention on a specific topic or area of interest and will provide a way of connecting other elements, which pulls the entire event together. Developing a theme will keep your party organized and will show your guests that you took extra care to make this event special. When you consider planning around a theme incorporate the theme into all areas of planning - invitations, name tags, food, cake, favors, decorations, and entertainment. Doing so will help you maintain your focus, build anticipation, create lasting memories, and reinforce the overall effect you want to achieve.

Choosing a Theme:
There are many sources from which to draw when choosing a theme. The theme should center around an interest of the guest of honor. Brainstorm ideas for the theme with your child and let them have input in the selection and the party planning. You may want to set certain criteria for what will be included in the party plan. Work within your set perimeters including cost, number of guests, timeframe, games, and location to design and organize your event.

An easy way to choose a theme is to first shop for the paper goods, plates, napkins, or tablecover. Build a theme around the picture on the plates, tablecover, or napkins. It isn't necessary to have all the paper goods be from the theme pattern you have selected. You may want to choose to add solid color coordinating items and decorations. A good idea is to use at least two solid colors to coordinate with your themed items. You benefit by having more options to work with and you add a creative flair to the occasion.

To choose a theme you may want to incorporate ideas related to a favorite book, movie, cartoon character, hobby, special event, sport, song, poem, favorite childhood memory or other topics. If a child has a special hobby or collection, you could use these items in decorating; as a centerpiece, wall hanging, or special display. Perhaps a friend or family member as a unique collection and would like to share their items for an evening or a day. The possibilities are endless. Remember to keep it simple, aim at having a great time, and don't stress over the small stuff.. More party tips to come!

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