Kid's Salons are all the Rave!

Kids Salons are all the Rave!

Getting a haircut may seem like a simple task for most of us, but for little ones it can often be challenge. The sitting still, waiting, and itchy hair droppings can make the most cooperative tike squirm and whine.

Today's parents have to suffer no more! Kid's Salons offer unlimited opportunities for fun and entertainment while getting that necessary haircut. The stylists are trained to accommodate those customers who can't reach a light switch with professional expertise. Patience and smiles are key! The child can play video games or watch a movie of their choice all while they get that adorable new cut Mom has chosen. Not only are haircuts available, but your little princess can even get a manicure and pedicure fit for a queen. The environment at these salons is always bright and happy geared to stimulate the creativity and imagination of all who enter the wonderland of bright colors and smiling characters. Retail merchandise abounds in most, offering everything from hair accessories to hard to find quality toys for boys and girls. Birthday parties are also available for ages 3 and up.

Character parties, Dress Up parties, Stage Show parties, Fashion Show parties and on and on! The entire birthday group can get their nails done for a real "big girl" memory! Some even offer video taping services for the big event. The entire salon is set up to make the simple task of hair care more fun for Moms and Kids!

Submitted by Paula Thurman
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