Give your child a good beginning...

Give your child a good beginning...

with Kindermusik, an age appropriate music and movement program that encourages early learning and creativity in young children. Singing, dancing, playing with instruments and creative play all come together in a 45 minute to 1 hour class that you attend with your child. With Kindermusik, your child will be having fun with his/her peers while learning valuable skills to help them excel in life! Plus, what better way could there be to spend time with your child! Join other parents who have made the right choice for their children ages birth to seven years.

Village - Newborn-20 mos - Learn how musical activities stimulate cognitive growth. Observe and celebrate your baby's development with a Village of other parents and children. Lullabies, songs, rhymes, bounces, clapping, tickles.

Our Time - 1-1/2-3 yrs - Experience the joy of music making together. It's Our Time for parent and child bonding. Singing, dancing, rocking, wiggles & giggles.
Imagine That! - 3-5 yrs - Musical exploration and movement tailored for the emerging creativity and imagination of the preschooler.

Young Child - 5-7 yrs - Singing, dancing, instruments, music composition and fun! The perfect foundation for all future music study and enjoyment.

Denise Revo, owner of Kindermusik with Denise Revo in Lees Summit, MO, is an experienced and dedicated teacher with a great love for children, music and teaching. She has a degree in Piano Pedagogy and is a Licensed Kindermusik Educator. Denise maintains a music studio in her home where she has enjoyed teaching private piano lessons and group theory classes for the past 25 years.