Create Fun Family Traditions with Technology!

(Family Features) When you hear the word “geek,” visions of someone overly intellectual and socially awkward may come to mind. Add the title “dad” to that geek and the picture becomes a middle-aged man wearing black socks with sandals and a pocket protector. But a survey titled “Confessions of a Geek Dad,” conducted by Answers Research on behalf of Cisco Home Networking Business, shows today’s geeks are cooler, connected and more engaged fathers than you’d think.

Tips for First Time Moms!

With experience comes wisdom – ask any second-time mom. Without that experience available, first-time moms often make decisions based on what they think they are supposed to do. They end up purchasing the latest and greatest in baby books, baby gadgets and for-baby-only products – many of which they don’t really need. So, how can new moms make sure they aren’t overwhelmed by well-intended advice and inundated with unnecessary items?

Get Up and Move to music... What a great way to start the new year!

Early exposure to music increases children's brain development. Research shows that music helps build children's self-confidence, enhances complex

Kid's Salons are all the Rave!

Getting a haircut may seem like a simple task for most of us, but for little ones it can often be challenge.

Have you given up on getting your kids to eat anything except McNuggets?

At least they're eating SOMETHING....right? Our BOTTOM LINE - we want them to love nutritious food.

Who ever said physical activity is all work and no play?

In fact, it can be just the opposite! There is no need to think of strenuous workouts that are painful and boring.

Helping children cope with illness in the family

Turning Point children's programs offer children and families affected by a serious illness, such as cancer, the opportunity to develop positive coping strategies through unique, skill-based, developmentally appropriate experiences.

Summer Camps offer Adventure and Personal Growth!

Summer camp is a tradition that goes back generations. But the camp facilities available for children today offer much more than you might expect!

Tips for Successful Sleepovers this School Year!

For many kids, meeting new friends is one of the most exciting parts of heading back to school each fall. A new school year provides plenty of opportunities for children to

Mission Possible: Back to School Shopping Survival Guide

Back-to-school shopping for your kids' supplies can seem like survival of the fittest after a summer filled with barbecues and family vacations.


The cooler weather of the fall season is more than just a great time to enjoy being outdoors before cold weather sets in.


When the ghosts and goblins, super heroes and villains come knocking on your door this Halloween, do them a favor.

Connecting with Conscience... Quietly

"Tommy! Turn off that TV! Haven't I told you a hundred times to ask me before you turn it on?" You're right. You probably have told him a hundred times maybe more.


I know simply from my 25 years experience in obstetric sonography that each time you see your baby with ultrasound it becomes certain.

Will Rogers once said: "The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse."

This truism has stood strong for both genders, and all ages, but in recent years, especially for kids! An overexposure to television media and computers often interferes


Exercise is such a vital tool in the development of children. With the abundance of video games and cartoons it is sometimes difficult to kick the kids out of the house


I typically help adoptive families with attachment issues in newly adopted children. However, I have found that developing a securely attached child is something


Why is it important to develop a theme for a child's birthday party or special event?

"Family HangUps" into Business Venture

Kathy Ragan-Masters, a Kansas City, North graphic artist and mother of two, was rocking her youngest daughter, Korinne, to sleep one night a couple of years ago when an idea came to her.

Missouri's MO$T Program

Offers Higher Education Savings Help. One of the most important - and costly - expenses you will face is funding the cost of higher education.

Halloween Safety Tips!

Halloween Safety Tips!

Involve your child in preparing for the new baby

Materials: You will need drawing paper, markers or crayons, laminating paper, yarn, and a hole punch.

Kids Don't Come With Instructions

In 1998, The Children's Place (TCP), a local non-profit who's mission is to help eliminate child abuse and neglect through prevention and

Prevention is the Key

One of the saddest situations we see in a pediatric dental practice is baby bottle tooth decay, also known as nursing caries.

Give your child a good beginning...

with Kindermusik, an age appropriate music and movement program that encourages early learning and creativity in young children

Is There a Way to Ease the Heartache of Finding Childcare?

If your child has the chicken pox and can't go to school or day care, what do you do?

Kaleidoscope Sessions

Kaleidoscope is a magical place where children can be creative and feel good about their own special ideas.

Flu Shots: For Kids?

We asked Dr. Scott Dattel of Kansas City Pediatrics to help us answer a few questions about the flu shot for kids

Lets Make Hot Chocolate!

Combine all 4 dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Stir until blended. Divide equally into mason jars. Hand print label and let kids help decorate labels and